On this episode of BombLive Magicman plays Tribes: Ascend. KDR doesn’t matter here…it’s guaranteed to be bad based on who is playing! Thank the gods that chat jumps in to teach Magicman the ropes!

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  1. Best stream ever whole chat including myself kept yelling at MM to aim for da feet hahhaha da bomb for this being da best stream i ever been in

  2. LOL tribes… I like the title, “aim for the feet”. Sums up the game: Big guns, rocket packs, looking down 99% of game. If they just tweaked it a bit to be less air borne and slow it down, and make vehicles that are USEFUL. This would be a game I would prefer over Planet side 2. But no… it leaves a caca smell on my upper lip.
    map variety is just skin plastered over the map before with terrain bump randomness. Nothing else matters because of over jump and ski and airborne. The repetitiveness of “hop, look at feet” is onlly broken if you are building turrets at base and upgrading and defending, but to get to that point (to be effective) you need to UP in matches or cash it out. And if you match it out you have spent allot of time feeting….feeting is what this game should be called. Seriously, they should not have made a lobby shooter out of this title. And it is no WONDER it is now an AERIA games title…RIP tribes:


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