On this episode of Bomblive, Spunkify heads into the closed beta for Warface, Crytek’s Free-to-Play FPS. Using Crytek’s new gface browser plugin, Spunkify tries his best to score big, but the hit detection gods are not on his side today it seems. Watch as brows furrow and shotgun shells fly on this week’s episode of BombLive!

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  1. Hi

    im waited in 2 years now soon 3 years and i am one of the first that sing up for beta but here’s the problem i have never got it so just wonder if you guys can lay up a giveaway or send me a invite code for europe.

    It’s should be nice because i waited for so long for it

  2. This video shows what you can expect from WarFace spot on. Nothing special, more generic, and lots of spawn camping. Don’t waste your time with this, play GRO, play BLR, even Shadow Company, a game made by the developers of Combat Arms is better then this crap.

  3. I kinda like the game. But the hit detection is horrid because of the lag issues some players bring in to the game. Also the horribly OP guns that some people have because of the free K-coins the developers gave to people to try out the shop are just, well, OP…
    Hopefully crytec will fix a LOT of issues before the game heads to OB.

  4. Warface is garbage. It feels like some one started an open map shooter like BF franchise, then stopped…and slapped on a twitch based small map shooter and called it Warface and went F2P XD.

    You will see this in PvP, the game has skills and nothing to level up, you get all skills right off the bat. The skills are 100% USeless in the game. And semi usefull in PvE. Example: Instant respawn and small map (you run back to where you died in under 5 seconds) = No need for a medic what soever. The fact medic has a useless shotgun = even more reason to remove this broken class all together.

    Engineer has trip bombs and armor replenish…Giving other players armor…in a game where survival is about 15 to 40 seconds…no one cares nor needs it. Trip bombs suck and useless in EU US version. In Russia we were able to throw out 3 and they were pretty abused/effective…US/EU = useless.

    Assault is ok, but again, he replenishes peoples ammo…Something you die to fast to ever need.

    Sniper. No skills. The game even states this in the tutorial: “The sniper has no skills but is an efficient long range killer”….Problem in small maps, you are a battle sniper and will get shot instantly especially when you can cap the other players spawn zones easily…The few sniper spots require that some one hoist you up and are well known so you cant play strategically…It is crap.

    Speaking of hoisting…They replaced Ladders with the hoist. Stupid.

    EU/US is pay 2 Win. Russia version is not. In RU you have permanant unlocks and no damage repair. In US/EU you have to pay to repair and rent guns…It sucks.
    RUSSIA = CLIENT BASED game, runs great. US/EU = Browser Based, graphics to hit, hit box lag, runs like crap. Horrible “seed” feature. You know google circles? They try to copy this sort of social system in the game/website….it is annoying and sucks.

    Conclusion: RU version was crap. It felt like a failed game turned FPS. The end game was: Build in heavy armor to take tons of hits, then abuse the slide function, and use knife.
    US/EU is crap for all those and more…The game is just garbage. Dont create an account, because they will try to market it as “thousands of players”. PvE is a borring joke. Play Warframe if you want a good shooter. As a twitched plays game it fails. Play other shooters…any shooter. Sad sad sad. This is not Cryteks fault at all. This is the publisher and devs. And greed of course

  5. I have played the russian version for a while and the game is not pay to win ..

    only thing that cost cash was some armor, helmets etc.. everyone has access to weapons it even has a lucky capsule thing like AVA which can drop a unique item ( last time I played it was a desert eagle) .. I got one after 5 – 7 tries

    I really enjoyed the game but since I was in the russian version I couldn’t understand my team mates and lack of communication is never good in a FPS game

    PVE is ok but it seems AI seem to have aimbot to players head in harder missions..

    PVP is fun but many will love killing medics..

    When the game finaly launches it will be the best F2P game even better than blacklight in my opinion

  6. This game is such a disappointment. From the browser based launcher to the complete lack of value in the class system (at least in pvp), it just did nothing but bother me.

  7. I just love it, if you have a smiley in your face and ur moods wents down and more down until u change settings and start complaing. I love it everytime. ^^ I know its not much fun for you at this moment spunky, but thats a gamers live (life) dont know. Im not english sry. ^^

    • Not really, you have to play and unlock better weapons, attachments, gear and stuff. Until then you can be and will be stomped by higher lvl players in PvP who have unlocked all that stuff. I played Russian version for 2-3 months and I mostly played PvE until I unlocked better gear, actually I unlocked almost everything except for Engineer (weapons, armor, attachments). Nobody is forcing you to play PvP right away and to be stomped by higher lvl players. Spunkify plays with default weapons which are not powerful at all and that’s why he got stomped in many situations.

      • Thatis your problem, you played RUSSIAN version. US / EU is P2W. The publisher added damage and rentals to Equipment and guns. You can avoid it by cash. RU = perms and no damage and faster unlocks.


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