In this episode of the Free-to-Play Podcast, the group shares their thoughts on the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online release, Transformers Universe switching from MMO to MOTA, and Black Desert receiving a Russian localization. Plus the team asks if MMO’s will ever be able to keep up with gaming trends. All this plus your community comments on this episode of the Free-to-Play Cast!

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Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. ESO will fail just like SWTOR did, if EA couldn’t deliver then ZeniMax Online surely wont either. In my opinion the best business model for ESO should be free to play with cash shop similar to Neverwinter. (mounts, appearance .. etc.)

    I just don’t see people paying a monthly fee plus having restrictions in a game which you buy and pay a monthly fee is insulting, for example (imperial race is only available for pre order).

    I surely wont be playing this game p2p or f2p..

  2. It will end up as a “F2P” within a few months.

    Then the F2P version will boom for a few months before people get tired of all the stupid restrictions.

    Just like every other MMO game with a monthly fee since 2008.

    Pro tip to devs/companies: Subscription model is dieing..only two games that are actually succeeding is WoW (slowly losing players) and EvE (only because you can pay your subscription with the in-game currency)

    • Actually FFXIV is a success too. There are currently 1.8 million subscribes (myself included). Ever since they made ARR they turned things around and they’re actually gaining members rather than losing them. But nonetheless I agree, P2P is dying. WoW is already said to be going free to play and EVE can be played as a B2P player if done right. So really it’s three games succeeding in Subscription based models.

  3. MMos will be able to keep up as long as new ideas come out. Anything is possible so I know they can. As far as crafting weapons goes in a sandbox game having highly skilled craft mechanics would be awesome. I played mortal online and only some people could make armor. It really helped make the game world seem real and made us socialize. But in themepark games i do not believe intense crafting like that would be successful. The games inside a game you guys were talking about seems like a bad idea to me in sandboxes. People who play WoW do not like to learn. This is why they keep playing the same game and never change. I think if your mmorpg has good mechanics no one would want to be a different type of character or have time for silly minigames. I am a hardcore gamer though so I think in casual game settings the game inside of game setting would be good to keep them interested alittle longer. When i play a game i think to myself “How is this game benefiting my life? Am i learning from it? Sadly the most popular games are beyond games now. With many more layers.

  4. ESO is definitely not new type MMO. It’s WoW… GW2 clone. There are tons of restrictions. No 1vs1 PvP, no PK, no open world, and many other “no” things. It’s even not a MMO. Like you said it’s a single player game in multiplayer mode. So you play as a single player, making quests and etc. but dozens of other players intrude into your game and you even cannot stop them. Very boring thing. For sure I played this game already in GW2. Yes story in ESO is better, but gaming is almost the same, and there is nothing new in it. If you call this freedom, seems you never played a real MMORPG with open world, open PvP, open trade, and lack of any obstacles to player.

    • hav pvp ! just on last time beta can’t try it…. and ESO still in beta ^^! no open world? lol r u kidding? i can bet tat u definitely did’t ply ESO be4…….

  5. The following comment is my opinion and nothing more:

    I personally think that you guys should re-frame from using words like “WoW Clone” Jason when he called SWTOR a “90% WoW Clone” shows that he will always think a tab/target MMO to be a WoW Clone…it was like when Rift was released, people called it a more refined WoW, which did the game no justice because people thought “Oh it’s just WoW, nevermind I won’t touch it.” I personally believe you guys should re-frame from comparing MMOs to WoW on your podcast. It’s fine if you truly think the game is a WoW Clone because it’s your opinion just like this is mine, but you’ll take away from the game for saying that. To a lot of fans of the MMOs you’ll call “WoW Clones” calling it that is an insult such as “The game shouldn’t exist, just go play WoW.” So in my opinion I think it’s best, if you truly wish to stay a F2P MMO based website, to not compare a game to WoW specially since WoW itself isn’t even F2P unless you count the 1-20 trial.

    TLDR; I’m being an asshole saying don’t compare F2P games to WoW and call them “WoW Clones” on your podcast. It’s ok to think it’s one, but calling it one on a F2P Podcast which in this day and age is a news outlet, is completely unprofessional.


    • i totally agree. there are so many games that are awesome & totally different than WOW & people keep fukin ruining for every one by calling it a WOW clone. I hate WOW & all that it stands for!

  6. i m not a ESO fans but i really like tat game! cos of some reason
    1st ESO is a new type of MMO, wat mean is a new type? in allmost all of the MMO there got many restrict, example: class, armor, and ur skills , a tanker can only use sword and shield,heavly armor a mage only can use a staff and with light armor! but in ESO u can be wat u wan to be! there is no restrict! in ESO there got 4 class , Temple, nightblade, dragon knight, sorcerers, each class hav own skills tree and! each weapon,armor type, racial also got own skills tree! so we can combie it wat style ply u like to be! be a tanky mage with a heavly armor? be a tanker with staff castting spells? it can happen in ESO !! be wat u wan to be! tat the 1st point i like this game some much! freedom on ur plying style^^
    2nd in ESO there is no rolling dice to loot good stuff from a dugeon boss! own person hav own person loot table! so when killed a boss in dugeon u get wat u c from de boss drop! equal balances to all party member! this is a good new things in ESO! so u won’t worry when a boss drop a good stuff but u r in a bad luck keep rolling the smaller num= =”
    3th in ESO all of the npc they can speak out, they hav reaction, not just like other MMO just pop out ” Sentence of word ” make me feel bored to read about the word and get the story…. but in ESO i feel tat i m playing a single player story game but in MMO! i enjoyed and excited to know about the story and i won’t feel bored on doing quest!
    Lastly ESO got a mega sever ! the put all world player in a same sever and a same area! so we won’t worry about some of ur fd is playing other sever! and they don hav chanel! so won’t worry about some of ur fd is in other chanel! and the chanel is full u can’t switch there, or keep switching chanel to meet ur fd or group member!! i just play the beta on ESO feel day ago! i just wan to share out wat i m feel in ESO! they really done well! i like it much! be wat u wan to be! trow away old type off MMO! let;s enjoy 2gether with a new type of MMO!

    • I played the beta the game is good and secret world could have been great if the gameplay was not so crap,ESO has enough of an elders scrolls feel and good game play to be sucsesfull.
      only bad thing is the price.


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