In episode 6 of League of Legends Champions, Shadee takes a look at the basics of League of Legends. Before you can put on those Berzerker Greaves and terrorize your enemies, you’ll need to have the right champion setup! If you haven’t tried League of Legends yet, take a look and learn a bit about how Riot’s famous game works.

Learn about:
– Basics of the game
– Your first games
– Joining games
– Summoner profile and Items
– Runes
– Influence points
– Mastery pages
– Spells
– Items shop
– Riot points

League of Legends Champions is a show about the popular moba game League of Legends (LoL), featuring the League of Legends Champions with plenty of videos, tips, strategies, guides, reviews, secrets, gameplay, stuff for beginners/pros, and much more.

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