In Episode 1 of League of Legends Champions, Shadee takes a look at the newly released champion Fiora! Not only is she a great new addition to the League lineup, she draws a Teemo face with her sword! So strap in your rapiers, and lunge into action to find out if Fiora is worth your 6300 IP.

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  1. Fiora OP? =)) I dominated her top with Teemo, Irelia, Yorick, Wukong, Ryze, Swain, Kennen, Udyr, jsut to name a few. Just ignore her when she parries for like 1 second, walk away when she uses her E, since she has no form of CC during lane phase, and then retaliate in her face and watch her cry without having any way to do decent dmg herself untill cds are back. Ande she has quite long cds. Also her pasive is so weak early lvls its barely noticeable, and later lvls it doesn’t really matter as much. Just don’t trade hits with her in a dumb way, if you go charging in her parry and take her entire E in the face, than yes you may scream OP.

    • Playing people who understand how too play a champion and in ELO hell are two different things. I and take the weakest hero in the game an dominate in ELO hell. Where as when you get upwards of 1600 ELO your going too find that any old hero won’t do, and this is were it really matters, and when people in the higher ELOs say she is OP she is OP.

      • I’m @ 1700 Elo. She can be pushed out of lane by many champions, she’s squishy and her only strength in lane is winning small skirmishes if you just fight her without having a clue of how her kit works. Like with Udyr she can only reflect the dmg from your autoattack while in bear form, so you can stun her in her E, then go Tiger and watch her hp go down, turtle if she tries to retaliate with her Q. You take no dmg she goes back half hp. Also your sustain in turtle >>>>> her pasive sustain. I can make you a guide for so many champs that own her. Sure she has her strengths, like she is great vs GP. You can just troll his parley all day. But another example, take Riven and you dominate her so bad it’s not even funny, you will win every exchange.

        • My ELO was right now is 1803, I was just playing. I am going too have too disagree, any one who knows how too use her skills will find that she is more then able too farm minions at untold rates able too run escape harass and avoid harassment and then move on too buy items with life steal attack speed and and AD items and she can just lay way too any melee based hero, and in team fights her R does unreal amounts of damage too the entire enemy team. Its easy too get triple and quad kills in early team fights.

  2. Well its a very nice hero , i dont find it that op , yes the attack speed seem so op , but somehow its easy blockable with bits of armor and all .
    Well the hero have good and bad sides .
    This is the first hero with good idea for skills and all .
    Also this is the first hero that have worst animation and very bad model , her movement and all is so bad made .
    As for the movie its good , in this movies its always shown the strong side of a hero , but still the movie is well made 🙂

    • I use to play yi so much. Now that Fiora came, yi is screwed, and you know how yi is with the ladies you can tell from the trailer.

      • We also use too be able too take Yi mid and farm and harass too untold power…Then the nerf bat came..then again..then again..and again and still again..then Xin came…Then Yi was useless.

        Anyway, give it two mouths and this hero will be turned too be really weak.

  3. Hi. I don’t want to be mean or anything and i am looking forward to see you’re next episode but excluding the last 3 minutes all you did sounded like “champion sneak peak” from lol official site… and i personally think that theirs review is better. However i really enjoyed the last part, but i will love to see something different in the next episode or at leat try to not use the same footage over and over again.

  4. I have her too, but I just think she is a bit OP. Now Master yi is screwed basically. LOL!!! I tried a Critical Dps tank build, and I could not die basically. I have notice some times her ultimate’s damage doesn’t register or something, I don’t know if its intentional or a bug. Anyways I like this hero, but just feel shes a bit OP at times.


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