In Episode 5 of League of Legends Champions, Shadee takes a look at Lulu, the little support champion! With an awesome skillset and varying abilities, Lulu requires you to be on your toes at all times. So pack up your fairies and bring them along to explore the newest support in League of Legends!

League of Legends Champions is a show about the popular moba game League of Legends (LoL), featuring the League of Legends Champions with plenty of videos, tips, strategies, guides, reviews, secrets, gameplay, stuff for beginners/pros, and much more.

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  1. There is 2k people and more who watched the video, don’t think these are as useless as you might think, you are just full of attitude and you need heads turned in your direction, keep trolling.

    • Fascinating video! I typically don’t even watch these types of viodes, if you will, but this one was very interesting as you addressed some fundamental issues such as the fact that unfortunately one cannot really give away things for free and still survive, strictly pursuing one’s interests (which may be of noble value- bettering the world, enlightening, or entertaining people, perhaps), without some underlying pursuit of monetary gain (Forgive me- it’s poor wording), especially if it is something art-related.Alas, this comment is getting to be more of a rant. I can’t wait to see your new work, and good luck with attaining a sponsor if it has not yet been done!P.S. I am still waiting for a re-release of Phenomenon 32 if it ever happens (If you remember, I’m the guy who glitched out well into the game)

  2. Can’t believe mmobomb is making these lame vids for LoL now. I mean this one is just like the Champion Spotlight which is readily available in the game. The only difference is this is way more drawn out, I mean like 3 minutes in the beginning explaining how versatile she is, seriously I mean tons of champions in LoL are versatile we get it dude. Also he trashes LoL’s tribunal system because he got banned for a probably good reason. If it’s so bad why don’t you just leave the game and stop making these pointless vids.

    • As I said you are just one of those retarded newbies. All experienced players do understand that spotlight only showed how the skills look like. It is not helpful at all. Phreak is a good player who can farm 95% minions in 1 lane. We can do that too. But this doesn’t mean all players can do it. The majority players are newbies who failed to farm 30% minions in their lane. This will significantly affect the build and the game play. On the other side, 98% players don’t have the skill Phreak has. Phreak is closed to a pro player.(probably he is one) There is pointless for newbies try to copy how Phreak build a champion and play the champion because the newbies will fail hard on it. Therefore, the vids like this are helpful for most LoL players. We see the maker of this vid is not a pro, and he doesnt have pro teammates. This makes it more valuable to the majority players.

      • What kind of newbie needs a video guide on Lulu… Your saying that if your a newbie you should waste all your IP on a new champion that will soon get tweaked. Yea sure, Phreaks videos only give an outline on the champions skills and such which is a quick couple of minutes instead of taking the time yourself to do so in game of finding out and doesn’t offer much on how to build. Though none of this really affects me as if I do get a guide it’s from solomid and if I do watch a video it’s not either so I shouldn’t really care. But anyways what you said about you should watch this video over a Phreaks video because Phreak is a better player is kind of lacking. It is obviously way better to get your build off a player of the highest skill possible otherwise your just setting your bar low.

      • Thanks for the compliment, you must be the maker of this video. I didn’t say the spotlight is what to watch for guides on characters, I just compared them. That aside getting a good build from the best player you can find, then copying that player to the best of your ability is way better than copying a low-grade player and being a low-grade player at best. Anyways Phreak is a pro player, everyone knows that… that’s how he got the job. Sure this video series would be helpful… if it came out years ago and there wasn’t better information elsewhere. I don’t even know why I’m bothering as I don’t use videos to get my builds anyway, and I’m pretty much unlikely to get a response from someone who puts an idiotic response in the name box.

  3. Lulu is one little beast, as soon as she was released I bought her along with a nice skin because I knew I was going to play her like crazy. In fact I have played LuLu only since she has been released and she is one of the best overall champ in this game I know it depends on the style of champs you like to play but that little fea is just EVRYTHING. Support, Nuke, DPS and she carry eyes closed if played more aggresively with a build to go with it.

    So I’ll let people know the way I play her. First of all I just want to say I have been playing league since they had only like 15-20 champions so I know my LoL, not playing in tournament but I can play hehe. The way you play her in that video, you should go for a hybrid build, little more ap then ad so that way you can still support and do some decent damage with your skills but at the same time you can stay behind fights and attack ennemy champions with your melee that will deal enought damage to support your team in team fight with some more damage while your skills are on cooldown. Since you play her the more aggressive way you would benefit from it since I can see you initiated a lot versus Ez and Janna. The build you are using (the gold per 5/10) is a support build made to stay behind your lanemate and shield, buff and let him farm while you get gold with your items. It’s not bad I use it most of the time, but in a normal game I prefer going with a more nuke/burst build that with lots of ap core items like rod of age if you don’t want to get focused and disappear instantly, sometimes I even go with guinso rageblade since it gives me extra ap and ad while giving me bonus atk speed when attacking a target continiously, with pix helps, you will deal some pretty decent melee dmg on the target which is never a bad thing. It also helps you to harass in lanes without wasting mp for skills and keeping them for fights.

    I could go on and on about different builds you can use on her because like I said she can be EVRYTHING. She is my new favorite support champion, before it was soraka but now I know she will be forgotten because Lulu is here.

    The only thing she doesn’t do is heal, but even without this you can save your whole team lives, with all the buffs she has and the debuff she has for the other team. I mean 80% slow, were almost talking about a stun here. I say play a lot of games with her, experiment with the different builds, make a build (more ap, ad, support or even hybrid build) that suit yourself and also depending on the other team try adjusting it to counter them if you see someone is raping your team.

    Alright I will stop here otherwise it will become a tl:dr post hehe anyway good luck and have fun playing LoL.

  4. Truth is : MOST of the online communities, a game one or not, will have mean people in it. MOST is a weak word in this case, let’s go with ALWAYS.

    You will get mature teams that will try to help you instead of spitting on you when you are having a hard time in the game, but most of the time they will just all jump you like predators. But keep in mind that most of the time these person fail themselves in many games prior to the one you are playing. So it’s kinda like a vicious circle, newbies gets insulted by the more experienced players, then when they become experienced, they often start insulting the newbies … Yeah it sucks.. but it’s what competitive online games is.

    My best tip to that, try not to freak out and insult the person back because that makes you as dumb as him/her. If nothing stops it there is that magical bubble next to the players scores when you press TAB in game, click it and voila !

    • Wrong. Among my over 3000 LoL games, I tell you it’s usually the newbies who insult good players first. If you ever asked my friends who achieved the same level, they will tell you the same thing. From here, I know that you dont play as many LoL games as we do. For us, everything seems normal. For newbies, they think there is only 1 build or 2 build for 1 champion. Wise newbies understand it but retarded newbies obviously don’t. LoL is a teamwork game. Without teamwork, you can do little. What makes newbies insult good players again is that the newbies fail to make teamwork with good players. They can’t understand the good players’ movements as well. There are many other reasons. Basically, you see newbies keep annoying almost all the time and they will start to report good players if the good players dont listen to them. As a 1700 elo player, you will have to listen to them in normal games or they will report you. What’s more ridiculous? If you ever fight back even a few words, you will get banned for that. You do that in 1/20 of your games, 200 games will make the tribunal ban you.

      Again, none real good players will insult newbies, because we know “newbies are newbies since they suck”. Everything seems normal for a player who played 3000 games. It’s the newbies who started to feel surprise and they try to define good players with “troller”. They then report you. You can’t explain everything to them in 1 game, because that request 10000 words at least. It doesnt seem worth for all the explanations because those newbies who understand good players usually already become part of good players. We don’t hate wise newbies; we hate retarded newbies who call themselves pro with 1200 elo.

  5. I am one of the beta players who started the game at the end of 2008. I have played over 3000 games in over 3 years. ( it’s a different level with those who play 500-1000 games in 3 years.) A few of my friends played 4000 games. Most of my friends and I achieved 1700 around elo there. However, those guys are just the ones that still play the game. Most of us beta players have quit this game due to it’s unfair banning system and bad community. Kids players + bad banning system make this game a garbage. You never see players respect others as in starcraft2 diamond grade ( i am there now) in LoL. Beginners blame good players for their failure and good players have to keep silence if they dont want to get banned. Riot employees never check the replay to ban you. And they won’t record the good games you did and the help you ever made to beginners. They just mix all players in 1 customer group and ban them with insufficient reasons. I’ve spent over 250 dollars on it and I stopped paying for it then. The tribunal system is just a joke if you know how it works. We can get a new account and spend $500 to get everything again, but the problem is that we too disappointed about this game. There is just no point for us continue paying on such a game that doesnt care about players at all.

  6. Tribunal isn’t flawed, you just upset that you got banned, stop being a bitch about it and accept your punishment, you even admitted to responding back to “trolls”. Tire of idiots not knowing anything bout Tribunal saying it flawed just cause they got banned, your opinion is bias and anyone who thinks the same without doing any research on the Tribunal is also a idiot.

  7. Garbage game. 16 year olds force you to play a certain way. If not, they ban you with abusive ban button. I quit after 3 attempts to enjoy the game when some one yells “GO TOP OR I BAN”. Even if you do what they say, if you lose, they report you. This stupid company doesn’t look into it or fix it. And if you post on their forums about it…guess what, you get a 30 day ban.

    • Who are you playing with i mean so far i been playing for a good while lets say iam lvl 27 and ive never had a time where someones been that mean maybe u are just on the wrong side of the game

      • I’ve played over 3000 games and i tell you most of the payers are that mean. You know how LoL matchmaking system works? They give me a 1600 wins + 1700 elo+ player a 200 wins around team, then they want this team to beat another 600 wins + average team. This could happen multiple time. You know what’s a suffer? Retarded noobs act like idiots and they blame others for their own failure. If you tell them they should shut up since the other guys was not that bad, you will get reported and banned. Players will get banned for saying “gg noobs”. Bad words, but you really think ppl should be banned for saying that?


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