The newest update for Marvel Heroes brings some of the biggest changes to date for the action RPG. Players now get to choose from three difficulty levels: Normal, Heroic, and Super Heroic, in order to truly prove their worth as superheroes. The new difficulty modes gradually unlock as players level up and provide increased experience and rewards.

If that’s not enough Emma Frost has joined the fray, bringing her telepathic powers and diamond form. Ever wanted to enslave any enemy with a cognitive mind as a pet? Now you can.

One of the most exciting changes to the game is the complete revamp of the Defense System. The major overhaul includes improvements to how defense is calculated which should make the stat appealing to everyone, including ranged Heroes.

Additionally, the changes will prevent some heroes from being shoehorned into “tank only” roles. Gazillion summarized the change well by stating ” If you want to do some tanky stuff you can, but you aren’t forced to do it.” A full breakdown of all the defense changes can be found in one of Marvel Heroes previous dev blogs.

For players just beginning their heroic careers, an all new starting area awaits them. The revamped intro zone will pit players against the infamous Black Cat as she attempts a Bank Heist. Update 1.2 also added new Relic and Unique item types, with relics boosting hero stats up to a maximum of 999. The new unique items are said to be extremely rare and powerful, can be slotted in any of the 5 basic item slots, and add various abilities.

Finally, Gazillion has addressed hundreds of small performance issues that have afflicted players for quite some time. The improvements actually extend beyond the ingame client with the patching system having received further optimizations. Players can now expect to load the game about 20% faster.

You can check out the full patch notes here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Why didn’t they make it like DCUO? … Also I agree with Zombie the game is badly written and it consumes too much of the pc’s resources for no idea even if you have the recommended requirments..

    Now I bought my pc 2010 so it’s not the best but I can play skyrim max settings with no problems or getting outrageous temperatures…

    Skyrim Marvel Heroes
    Core i7 – 950 3.06Ghz 60 – 65 60 – 70
    GTS 450 1G DDR3 68 – 70 70 – 76+
    12 Gb RAM DDR3 – –

    When I played this game after 5 mins of tutorial my graphics card for the first time reached 80 C and CPU cores reached 70 C … Marvel heroes is crap… Specially the people who wrote the game..

    Skyrim is a better game and “demands” more resources when Marvel heroes also gave me an error saying out of memory…

    So Marvel Heroes sucks… should be shut down…

    • If your frame rate is low then the game is either very poorly optimized or there is a hardware compatibility issue. If your frame rate is high then you should find a way to limit it to 60 FPS.

    • The monkeys who coded this game should be shot. Don’t even try to rehabilitate–they’re too far gone. It’s ridiculously resource hungry for no reason. While you’re at it, shoot the SWTOR dev team for using Hero Engine. Two-for-one. Awful.

  2. I would play this game, but the engine it has is horrid. I’ve beta tested Elder Scrolls Online and found that Marvel Heroes lags more for me than Elder Scrolls Online does. Hell ESO didn’t lag for me at all, yet somehow Marvel Heroes gives me 10-15fps when people are around. (ESO didn’t lag when 100s were around)

    Great game, Junk 10 year old engine.

  3. I played this for a week, and even spent money on Iron Man. It was fun for a week. All I hear with these changes: we are trying to slow down progression people are going through it too fast.


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