I’m pretty sure most of you remember the good old days of FPS games, the days that you would never want to leave the house or do anything else for hours, or until your mom turned the pc/console off.

The days that a bunch of pixels, some explosions and a gray corridor filled with your friends was all you needed to have fun, A.K.A “The Good Old Days”.

FPS games were always fun, and i remember the day that Quake came out, ohhh the joy and frustration when a square shadow of what used to be a man/cyborg/skeleton etc exploded in the far end of the corridor and just as you started your victory dance you would get killed by another rocket from some asshole in the dark side of the moon.

The thing is most modern day games focus way too much on realistic effects and environments, and how to get blinded with a flashlight, instead of making the game fun. Games like Battlefield or Call of Duty are great games but they lack that felling we used to get from games like Quake, Unreal or Half-Life.

Tribes Ascend comes fourth to show us how to have fun again. From running with over 200Km/h and jumping into orbit for the 10th billion time, the game proves that modern day shooters can be fun once again and not just one big grey marathon after another. One second you are waiting for the game to start and the next you are gliding , flying and praying that you wont hit a tree and get killed by the enemies grenade launcher. From the minute you start playing it, you enter a state of trance making you useless to society for another couple of hours, and you know that you have to stop at one point but you want to kill that guy who’s hugging the flag and always kills you. The only thing most people would hate about Tribes is that it has few maps, 2 weapons per class, and a knife (which if pretty useless since everyone is like a hyperactive lab monkey). But if you loved 90′ FPS then repetition is not the problem so i assure you that fun will be had with this. So overall the game shows that you don’t need to show the player how to change the flashlight’s batteries or how to breath properly while running or how sucking your thumb behind a wall can heal and reattach your missing legs and that you can have fun with just ignoring the laws of physics in a 16 VS 16 massacre.

Tribes Ascend is a fast paced, instant action, game with many hours of fun and allot of angry soon to be x-friends. The only way the game could have been better is if Unreal had a baby with Quake.

by Crash

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  1. Games are suposed to be fun, not realistic, its like you said, just run around, fly a bit and explode things just because you want (looks like GTA San Andreas xD).To much realistic games make me sad sometimes, it just “too much” realistic, and sucks all the fantasy and the “non-sense” from it, and it all looks the same, by the way =D

  2. Still want to play this Tribes: Ascend tho. Couldnt get a key, if anyone got one extra or played and didnt like, please give me ur acc (if u wont use anymore) I really whould like to try this one out.

  3. Why not join the army, well, because there isn’t a civil war in Russia or a nuclear threat in US(or is there), well, if we join the army all we would do is pushups, I really gotta say Quake and Tribes is fun, but for god’s sake Battlefield 3 got some awesome graphics, but you can jump so high in Tribes, well, the fact is, I never compare 2 different kind of games, modern shooters and futuristic shooters is like World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic, just because of graphics and some changes you can’t say realistic is best than futuristic, nor that futuristic is better than realistic, they are 2 kind of games, totally different, you can’t say they belong to the same category just because you see your hand holding a gun in the screen, that’s my opnion.

  4. FACT: Older tribes was better.
    This new version sucks and just adds more jump to BASIC and consistant TWITCH based shooters which flood the market.

    Want something new, strategic, with action? Try WAR RAGE. Best FPS right now. Basic starting up, when gain ranks and unlocks, you can start building shields, mortars, etc… it gets strategically fun!

  5. Halo clone!!

    Hehe, just kidding. I know which came first.
    I look forward to giving this a go once I get back to my flat with my better rig in it.

    Great article though, it’s a shame CoD and the lot are held in such high regard, if you really want reality that much then why not just join the army and go all out? Why play a GAME in the first place? I don’t really get it.

    Unreal was my personal favorite, it’s a right shame that Unreal TOURNAMENT 3 was plagued by these games and implemented yet another war scenario rather then a tournament, misleading name much?

    Anyway, great job.

  6. He talked about the old games where had no big objective or reason, just killing and doing unbeliveable things with no explication at all. The games back then were simple, short and repetitive, cause you only played em to have fun, never something to play for long hours like game nowadays, was something to do at an afternoon with friends, and that was great, I miss those days.

  7. @w00dchuck i’m not referring to futuristic i just used Tribes as an example. and for the nostalgic part Tribes is like Quake (as i say’d in the “Review”) fast paced , unrealistic and fun.
    After all everyone is entitled to like and enjoy whatever they want. this is my opinion.
    have a good day 😉

      • Bobibbles, I am a 90’s kid and I still love realistic shooters over laser guns etc.
        This topic should be, Why I think Futuristic based FPS is better than Modern based FPS.
        I remember back in the days CS 1.6 etc where the whole internet cafe would be packed by gamers.

        So no, not all 90’s kids love Futuristic based FPS games.

        • sorry to say but u missed the whole point of this .. it’s not about Tribes or space marines shooting cows in space. I used tribes and compared it with Quake , Unreal and even CS (kinda). i used tribes because it has the feeling of an 90’s fps .. the type u used to play for hours , mindless fun with no point then killing all.

          If it’s still not clear now , well i’m sorry but i can’t explain it any better. Good day

          • No I didn’t miss the fact that you are kinda telling people what is fun and what isn’t. Some people find realistic and simulators to be fun.

            So yeah.

            AND by the way don’t reply with “Then join the real army” etc bullshit. Game is to have fun right? Well some people find realistic games to be fun. There you go.


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