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The problem is the EU West server: To begin with, since I started playing LoL (2 years ago) this server has never ran smoothly. There were frequent random disconnects, weird bugs, ping jumps and so on.

For a whole week now, I have been unable to to connect to the EU west server which happens to be my home server. It’s not just me, every day it seems more and more people can´t log in and those that do often freeze at the champion select screen. If somehow they manage to make it in-game, they will often experience disconnections and be unable to join back. This results in losing the match, losing LP, and making it hard to move up the ranked ladder into new divisions.

If you will go to the League of Legends EU West forums, you will find not one single positive word in ages about the game. Nor will you find Riot present or their support. It seems as though countless people have started to uninstall the game and are not coming back.

After being unable to join the server for three days, I wrote an mail to the support. In the email I told them that I just cant log in anymore, no matter what I try.

This was their response in a nutshell:

“We recommend that you change your actual anti-virus program to Avast”

I did send two pictures concerning my problem in the email, where you can clearly see that I am indeed using Avast. After reading this, I already knew that the support was a joke, but that wasn’t the end of things. The support went on to speculate that perhaps it was the firewall blocking the game.

Well I was sure that my firewall was ok, but I did turn it off just to be sure and of course, it didn’t change a damn thing. So in my opinion, the game’s support is an absolute waste and will waste your time. A week has gone by now, and I am still unable to login.

This was a comment on the forum about the issue from the “European Community Manager”


Hey guys,

With the weekend coming up I want to give you a status update on the issue that has affected many of you over the past few days.

To sum things up we’re still working to find a complete resolution. It has been a highly frustrating time and i want to apologize to those of you who have had their game experience disrupted.

On the plus side the disconnection issues from last weekend are almost completely resolved. The main problem now is that a small number of you are having trouble logging in.

I have reposted suggested solutions to this at the bottom of this post. With that said, they are not a guaranteed, but many have found a fix by following this process.

Our team in Dublin and LA (Game Development alongside Live Production: Operations, Network and Platform Engineers) have been working together since the issue began to fully resolve this. We want to see the back of this issue as much as you do. It is far from ideal even though it is not widespread, and we will continue working at this over the weekend and through the night to find the root cause and solution.

Most players should not be affected, but we want to assure you we know that isn’t good enough and we will keep you updated.

Solutions that have worked for the majority of players:
– change your IP / use VPN
– restart your router
– reboot PC
– flush DNS (“ipconfig /flushdns”)
– renew IP ( “ipconfig /release” followed by: “ipconfig /renew”)
– sync clock and check firewall as described here:…hen-logging-in
– switch to different LoL environment. Example: switch to EUNE and then get back to EUW. For some players this was the golden solution.
– shut down your firewall or create New Rule under Inbound and Outbound on Port 2099 to allow connections on this port.
Other possible solutions:
– try to login with your account on different PC in another location
– disable peer-to-peer transfer
– repair the Launcher
– change LoL password or request a change by contacting Riot Player Support team
– remove LoL Recorder or any other 3rd party app from your OS


Telling people to shut down their firewall, is JUST WRONG. They don’t even know what the problem is, but instead come up with weird solutions. It seems as though the fixes aren’t even permanent. Someone will mention it works for them, but within the next 2 hours that same person will post on the forums complaining that he again is unable to connect.

When they talk about only a small number of players are having the issue, it’s like they don’t even care. They keep repeating that the issue is not widespread and that most players should not be affected. Yet it’s undoubtedly clear countless are.

The quoted response above is the only official response from Riot since the “not being able to log in” problem began. Does this sound like an adequate response from a company that cares? No…

For me, this just sounds like “the problem is on your end guys, we have other things to do”.

What is a “small number” to you? If you look on their Facebook pages and on the forum, there is page after page filled with many angry people unable to log in or play. Not to mention all the bugs, but that’s another story.

Now the thing is, all of this just happens to EU West. Everybody is able to join any other server without a single problem. Stable pings, no bugs and so on. Only EU West seems affected. In the official response Riot mentioned they would “continue working at this over the weekend and through the night to find the root cause and solution.”

That was 2 days ago and still NO FIX, NO ANSWERS, NO SOLUTION, NO NOTHING. I feel as though not one single person worked on this over the weekend. They act like they just don’t care. Some people have been unable to log in for a much longer period (2-3 weeks).

Many of us like myself spent money on this game and this is not how you handle things. Imagine buying a car and realizing you cant drive it. If that’s extreme, imagine buying a game for $60 and never being able to play it. I purchased RP and some skins before all of this happened and I have yet to be able to use any of it.

They continue to lose more and more players. They just care about the all-star thing, releasing new skins, and changing the shop prices, BUT NOT about solving this problem at all.

With that said, I have given up on League of Legends. I’ve uninstalled the game like many others already did and I wont be coming back. If you’re going to try this game, be sure to avoid the EU West server. Maybe it’s a good idea to avoid the EU servers all together…

By Sakaya

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  1. Its funny how people always complain about EU WEST, im playing LoL since 5 years, have >7000games played on EU WEST and had those issues in under 1% of all my games ive ever played, i dont know with what shitty internet or computers ppl play(mostly with calculators when i see their loading times), cant even remember the last time there was a problem with EU WEST and i play a minimum of 5 games a day…

  2. So lol failed to load the character select window and i get removed and get a 45 min ban. Not a great start for the game when i have just download it and got ban before i even play a game……..well back to elder scrolls online then ceebs with this game.

  3. Hey guys, not one of those jerks promoting games, I played league for 4-5 years, (since beta) and Dota 2 is so much better when you get the feel for it, trust me it is worth the time to learn. League is old news, i tried going back into LoL to play 1 match, and i was bored out of my mind, dota 2 is just more fun !

    • Actually you are one of those jerks promoting games, and we don’t give a damn about a slow-ass game where last-hitting becomes a chore.
      Go back to your russian mates lol

  4. I read your story, and i want to share mine. I have played this game Since Season2. I remember everything my first champ i bought and the champ of the loading screen when i first played. It was love at first play and i couldn’t stop playing. But the problems never seemed to end it’s been about 3 years of playing for me. I remember having the Avast problem long ago as well. I couldn’t Choose a champ very well i was very laggy ect all the stuff you had problems with and then in game i couldn’t play then suddenly i would Dc. Well the support said use Avast Ect weren’t helpful then they asked for personal details about my Pc and scanned my Pc and data like Wow.. Finally they told me a few simple Bs things like turn off Fire Wall. And get rid of your other Virus Scanners. And i did and i was able to play just fine….. Which is… Uhhh very Strange.. But since then i am practically a full time League of Legends player i play everyday i love this game so much. I have been playing for years so usually when i get bored i’ll play something i haven’t played in a while i will just switch between champs back and forth. I noticed the community is full of Ass holes and they are brainless sheep who see something in LCs and then everyone copies what the Lcs pros pick and then you see a champ that wasn’t touched in ages suddenly be over played for the next 2 months.. It truly is sickening to watch because like i said i will play any champ and i can play them good. My Smurf is Plat5 and my Main is Diamond3. Well aside from the Community of Ass holes who will over play the same champ because of Lcs videos. Next we also have LAG AND PING SPIKES. Oh my word… Na server Man.. If you haven’t seen your Champ Actually Slidding to walk while being plagued by Ping Spikes you haven’t played enough i have seen this many times. I have screen shots of some of the weirdest shit too, like i have Minions attacking each other and you can see the Summoner Spell Flash and Ignite as the Caster Minions Attack NO JOKE! And i have seen this probably like 50 times in all my time of playing. I have also seen the Summoner spells around champs. Or a Champ Animation on a enemy for like 2minutes. I have even seen LCs matches with bugs and the Creators Don’t Give a FLYING F*. I made a post on the forums talking about how i was wrongfully SUSPENDED for 2 weeks and the Creators of the game accused me of botting?!? They suspended my Smurf.. I have been a faith gamer of this game for 3 years every day and have spend probably upwards of 1000$ on this game and they had the nerve to take away all my ranked rewards for that account and WARN me if i ever do it again they will Delete my Account! Wow harsh especially when their balls dropped and they actually were cowards on the follow up info. They went straight ahead and PRIVate messaged my Email to tell me they will delete my account if i do anything again and that i have time to prove my innocence. In a Nut Shell they really had no idea if i was guilty or not and they took action before being sure.. Wtf?!?? Then i tell them i was using a VPN and i told them to message me the time stamps so i could email them back a Screen shot of the exact time Ect of what they were accusing me of Boosting.. So the jack asses of the company ignore me the full duration of the suspension and i emailed them 5 times within that time. I got so pissed that i created a forum post to gain the Help of the community the way i saw it, i figured if 100 people were on my post that someone working for Riot would have to come listen to me and i wouldn’t be able to be ignored. And the Community were like Riots LAp Dogs they had just came and mocked me these people were Mean in the purest form they had Wished the worst for me and my account they had made fun or me and took turns creating jokes they had Chanted Riots workers names that they knew of hoping the workers would ban me from the game it was shocking to see people band together to wish the worse on someone i was like wtf…. I stood my ground i knew i did no wrong and i just wanted my account returned to me the way it was meant to be. Finally the bastards emailed me and they wouldn’t give me TIME STAMPS. All they said was Sorry we can’t give away that INFORMATION Because it might be harmful to our game and could potentially allow Boosters to figure out our security and how we find out things. I was like wtf… You really expect me to give you exact info from months ago if you won’t even give me TIme Stamps?!? And they were like, Well we are closing your Support ticket Now so if you have anything else to prove your Innocence now is the time. Wtf?!?? Are these people for real?? Instead of giving me what i asked for in order to help them help me they just tell me no after i waited 2 weeks to talk to a support service then they just close ticket and leave me with no options. So anyways theres also a AFK PROBLEM!!! Ohhhh man assuming you have the perfect game and no LAg or PING or ANYTHING!! These Bitch ass players will usually die oh ya no once or twice and then tempers really flare.. I am not kidding ya one death or 2 deaths and people start typing GG wp and all kinds of crap. After 10min someone usually AFK because people are saying surrender at 20 like wtf. Even if you have the better scaling late game team these people have no brains. Idk if they are all 6 year old kids or what but they really can’t expand their realm of thinking into play safe and wait for late game. Even with a scaling team they give up. I have actually reported people and added additional info about ideas i had on how to fix AFk and i gave real good ideas. But Riot never even bothers reading the Tribunal. Oh that’s another thing. See this Reporting thing of theirs anyone can report you for whatever and they can lie and talk shit it really doesn’t matter they have the Idiot Player base judge you and so if someone talks shit and lies and says bad stuff about you then players can really let ya have a beating. Then Riots automated system will generally tell you that you have been a bad boy and tell you everyone has a bad day but calm your tits in a nut shell thats what they say. And you can even get suspended for a few days if enough people report you. This Game is like one of the best games ever… The CONS of the game is the Ranked ladder is full of Sheep who don’t have a brain and pick something that they see pros play and expect to auto win game because they throw around the word “OP” so much you could assume they drink it up like it’s water. And when their Champ that they copied with full runes and masteries copied right out of a guide lets them down and they die a few times they want to quit the game. Other cons include Trolls, Afkers, Rage Quits, Crappy Customer Support, New Champs only released every 3 months SEASON4 we have 3 new champs and it’s almost the end of the year. 8/10/2014 when i am typing this and GNAR is the new champ and he isn’t released yet. Other Cons Include the Creators of the game Noob Trapping their Own Player Base. Man if ya don’t know what a noob trap is it’s basically the game saying “Hey Kid, buy this item it’s good for your character, man and if you got a brain you know every match is different” See well i say they noob trap their player base because i have noticed supports all rush Coin. And i was like WHY DO you guys RUSH COIN?!? It gives no combat stats and the active takes way to much coordination for a Solo Q team to take advantage of. Then i looked through all the supports and most of them the Game shows it in the shop as a item that is good for your character. It’s a Classic F* Noob trap. And i swear they use Lcs to control their nerfing and Buffing of champs because they could control the Sheep from copying everything if they would tell the announcers to talk about champs that work good against champs u see in the Lcs. If they talked about counter picks and why certain champs can beat others then you would see the counter picks played just as much f* believe me. And they only f* nerf champs that are over played in Solo q ppl play champs because they see them played in Lcs then Riot nerfs a champ so that people will play something else. I swear most of the nerfs don’t make sense they are just a small nerf of like 20 damage per a lv of a spell most the time it’s usually a small base damage spell nerf designed to make idiots who think one nerf is a big deal not play them. And it works so then their counter to nerfing a champ and keeping their game alive is releasing a NEW skin for a Champ they just Nerfed i have seen this trick Deployed a Million times. Meanwhile CHamps that actually NEED Buffed i am TAlking ALISTAR f* Cow has the shittest scaling in the game or F* Viktor!! Holy Shit.. Viktor his Mana COst on his Spells are just disgusting you go OOM after a few spells.Man i saw a Nerf to Twitch a while back dam Rat hasn’t been played in Lcs since Season3 he got a Visual UPgrade nothing was improved in his Spells he was the same champ but bitches started playing him and he got so popular in Solo q because of lcs that they nerfed him. He had the weakest passive in the game which would deal like 50 true damage if you auto attacked 6 times in a row. That passive does half that amount now it’s like 32 true damage at 6 auto attacks. Holy shit really?? That nerf makes perfect sense. Or the Leblanc Nerf Okay so they took away her Silence… Ya… Like wtf.. And everyone stopped playing her. Funny as f* a weak nerf that was pointless but they did it anyways and their plan worked no one plays her now. Okay i could write a book on how much is wrong with this game and COngrats to anyone who read all the way but really i gotta stop typing. I spoke nothing but the truth this is a good game but the list of bad things with it is a LOOOOONNNGGG LISt… Man

  5. I agree with this post because me and my friends are her, waiting for 1h20 min now, to log in. There is a queue to log in…. AGAIN (because of north european and east european who want to play on EUW and because EUW is rules by total idiots). So first it said “place in queue: over 20 000 wait 20 min” .
    I waited 20 min.
    Then it said “place in queue: 1 waiting time: 1h”
    OK i waited 1 hour and now it says ” place in queue 1 waiting time 1second”

    Biggest joke i’ve ever seen in a game. Now i know all the skins i bought and RP i bought were used to buy cocaine and LSD, and were not used to repair problems.
    Sincerely pissed off.


  6. I hate how people whine about servers. Am I disappointed when servers are down? Yes. Do I bitch about how they’re releasing champions and skins instead of fixing the servers? No. See, the people who design champions and skins are an entirely different team from the network team. The fixes they provided ARE what should be done. The OP is just an uneducated rant.

  7. Oh and look, it is semptember 29th and the problems are worse then ever. You can not join queues, you can not log in. Champion select site freezes and as usual no comments from riot, no explanations.

  8. I want to play league of legends. this is my favorite game.But with those issues….and i know that alot of u are gonna rage after u see this but i also think that riot doesn’t give a shit about the game. Every new camp that they release is JUST SO OP and they dont nerf it.they are so many things that they need to fix.I am not sure if i want to play it anymore…And the community is just so offensive.I haven’t played a single game with no guys saying “gg nooobs my team fed u” “report that fag ” “OMG NO HELP REPORT REPORT ” and suck things like that.This is my OPINION.

  9. And ppl that doesnt understand RIOTS problem, are trollers. So delete trollers post here plix. Cause Riot srsly have issue.

    • poor rito, they have all ze problems and they don’t know what to do with all the money from skins and wards, boo hoo, poor rito has to sometimes fix a bug and they don’t even do that.

  10. well the players with that attitude don’t bother me, but mmobomb supporting this? (well when you put this on the news page you are still supporting this child).
    I played lol since s1 (there were no such thing as seasons back then i guess) yes it has a lot of problems, and still do but its FREE, if you want you can buy skins but that doesn’t mean you have to pay a subscription. It’s always funny to see gamers who don’t have a clue what’s like to have a server and having a LOT of people logging in at the same time, the community grown a lot, they are still not prepared, so be patient. Back in my days the queue could last 3 hours and more.

    so sad to see mmobomb posting this kind of thing, well better find a better source of information then

  11. What are some of these people talking about, saying biased and crap? MemberZone is meant for people to post their opinions about an argument someone brings up. Albeit he did complain a little much, but it’s still an argument. It’s debate. When did MMOBomb say this was their opinion as well? Also, if you think MemberZone is pointless and you don’t like it, just ignore it on the front page. It isn’t that hard. Obviously you care enough to read it and comment on it.

  12. Agree, i play EU also and last couple of days while loading game server crashes and have to close and relaunch the game to reconnect.Beside losing time to get ahead of the game,beside fustrating this also can get ur account a ban for “leaving” game. I see riot page on facebook or on youtube about the LoL,they guess dont give a rats about the game in my opionion!

  13. Its a shame that a person gets so much hate because he critics a game many kids love.
    After reading thru some comments, i wonder if most of the ppl did even read the article.
    “I play on US and never had problems”
    Well, he wrote “only EU West”, so those comments doesnt make any sense.

    But its commen, “lets post a stupid comment so everyone knows i do exist.” what a fail….anyways, back to topic.
    3 Weeks..There was no apologies, no free skin, no nothing. Some ppl still have the probleme, even with the fix.
    Like Riot said by themselve “we did upload the new patch on KR server and they start to have the same issuses.
    Guess what server got fixed first? For sure the KR server.
    Now thing about it…
    but again, after reading some useless, stupid comments here…Wanna see you kids, if ur internet wents down for 3 hours and u start crying and kicking the Pc. 2 weeks, or in my case 3 weeks, ist just not ok. Doesnt matter, what service it is, what game and so on…

  14. Why i hate this game:
    1) lag is horrible. And i have fiber optic super speed net.

    2) the report ban button is abused since day 1. Riot doesn’t have the code to fix it so they support it by adding a drop box of reasons to ban like “unskilled”, super abused. You can even ban peoples accounts in A.I. Maps…like this day 1. When i asked in riot forums ” if this would be fixed.” they banned my forum account for 30 days and ran a t-shirt sale.

    3) catered to idiots. I play on all servers around the world: russia, us, eu. My main account eu’ but i have to play another region/ account durring patch. Down time (eu west has worst) and bans. Every region has their play style. Only us is the worst. They do not like balance or patience. It is packed arma. All assassins go mid. One lane fights. You take any other lane you play alone. Riot last updates? Make single lane maps. They had a huge 5 man volcano map designed for tactic but they announced they cut it short and will make it 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2… See the connection yet. And guess what region has more kids with credit cards.

    4) need i say more? I can go on. But if you see where they put energy
    It is all marketing and image. They say they ban bad players. Nope honest players are banned. They cant track verbal abuse in russian, spanish, portugesse, etc… They just ban in us mostly to please the child like mentality.

    • 1) I never have had serious lag problems and I frequently play on multiply servers including NA, EUW and EUNE since 2013.
      2)The “unskilled” report does nothing it is there so flamers can be ignored and their ridiculous reasons for you to get banned also get ignored so Riot bans actual flamers and not wastes time. So if you got banned it’s because you like to throw insults at everybody(or think that people need to grow a thicker skin and take ridiculous insults).
      3)Russia isn’t an actual region.
      4)They are a company and need to gain money to keep the game going.
      I have never(except for one game where I was purposely being toxic to see if the system actually works and trust me it works) insulted for all the matches I have played and never gotten banned so it’s obvious your ban was deserved.
      Recently they have made a system that detects offensive words and puts chat restrictions on those people and trust me again it’s working.

  15. Haha, I laughed so hard. The OP is so stupid.

    “If you will go to the League of Legends EU West forums, you will find not one single positive word in ages about the game.”

    This is such a misconception and so stupid, I dont even know what to say. The forum is always a place for those who wants to complain or need help in any way. It has always been like this.

    “With that said, I have given up on League of Legends. I’ve uninstalled the game like many others already did and I wont be coming back. If you’re going to try this game, be sure to avoid the EU West server. Maybe it’s a good idea to avoid the EU servers all together…”

    like many others? I played like every day and dont even have a single problem. Have you even tried one of those suggestions? Have you tried reinstalling the game, readjusting your router or anything else? I´m sad, that something stupid like this is posted on this website.

    • …and because u had not one single problem, no one does?
      Actually, i wasnt able to connect 3 whole weeks. Way longer…They did release a fix for that problem.
      IF the problem is on the players side, why would they release a fix and say “they figured out that it is a client problem”
      CLIENT PROBLEM. U know what that means? Dont act like everything is fine, if its not. Troll anywhere else.

  16. Who cares about the EU anyways? The best LOL teams are in the US. Its much bigger in the USA then in Europe anyways. Logical business practice would be to focus on the region that brings in the most money. This is just one persons complaint and doesn’t need to be on here….This belongs on the League of Legends fourms.

  17. mmobomb has to be trolling with this post. It’s something you would read on a 12year olds facebook that is there just to cause drama. It’s a problem that a small amount of players are experiencing and will get fixed sooner or later depending on how many people actually cooperate with riot instead of bitching coz its not fixed the next day.

  18. Honestly i couldn’t agree more thou i found my Solution on my own. The thing is the EU West Servers are the ones that got the worst Support and Stability, Normally Riot gives you something like Riot points to compensate for the Down Time and all , well that usually does not happen on the EU West server. Overall the Other Regions run smoother and better and got a better support than EU West , but i do disagree on that Riot isn’t caring anymore , they do work hard that’s for sure yet that does not change the fact .

    And to all those LoL Haters out there , i played Dota 2 for quiet some time now and all i can say is rubbish.

    The opinion of a Single Person ? No not at all , he just nailed the Biggest problem in LoL and receives hate.

    I hate those Fanboy Wars witch are all over the Internet, Xbox Vs. PS , CoD Vs. BF, Lol Vs. Dota , totally dumb to fight that out , and well most of those Fanboys never played the opposite but are still experts in it just to Justifies there stupidity.

  19. I played LoL for 2 years just like you. At the end I got bored from same heroes with same items all the time. 1 thing I really loved in LoL was being a support (with utility tree), I really had fun with that. Just swich to Dota 2, ofcourse there are problems in Dota 2 too but at least you won’t get frustrated like that. Wish you the best 😉

  20. When you aren’t a noob, you are a retard. That’s the way it is. No one care about anyone anymore. You are alone in the jungle and you don’t have Wilson as friend. There’s no faith in humanity anymore. I just hope people will kill themselves with chocolate burgers..

  21. If I’m not mistaken, the EU servers were once run by a partner company which Riot had some trouble with. I am not quite sure if Riot has taken the servers back or transferred the server care to another company but I know Riot cares very very much about their game and are doing their best to make everyone happy. Note that Riot hq is not located in Europe and thus they are having to rely on making phone calls with other companies to get their game out to the world. Don’t blame everything on Riot when it may not actually be them maintaining servers outside the U.S.

    Source: I got to sit in on a lecture with a Riot dev ^-^

  22. Worst post in MMOBomb I’ve seen in a while I’d suggest to the site owners to remove it.
    Such bullshit and hatred against Riot, you think they don’t care about the game? They’re working really hard to fix this and the game has constant updates and new characters along with new maps coming, they don’t care about their main source of income anymore? Make me laugh more you stupid tool.

  23. Ya know its only the EU server your on that’s really experiencing this. I play on the NA server and have had no problems with my league in a long long time. So don’t go saying Riot doesn’t care anymore because it’s obviously just your countries riot HQ that cant seem to fix it. People need to stop generalizing crap like this without doing their research on other areas. It just makes them a hardcore rage/ranter and quite frankly its annoying.

  24. Just FIRE every member of the RIOT EUROPE that’s managing the game and replace it with responsible one’s, cuz in other countries that has League Of Legends, doesn’t have that kind of problem, its the lack of interest of the workers to better their own community which in my opinion really sucks, and i really hate people that don’t do their work properly…

    My guess is that when EU riot people is fixing the technical problems of their game maybe they do multitasking ALT TAB then play other games LOL!!

    My opinion Try SHUTTING DOWN LOL for 1 week and focus on solving the issue rather than let it continue like that… Goodluck and i dont mean anything to offend EU players but its not the players fault, its the STAFF’s fault..

  25. well i couldn’t log in 2 times in the last week i dont think its a big deal just play something else than go back and connect again and it works…

  26. It is weird because I don’t experience any of the issues above, and I play on the EU west server as well. The only problem I have is that the queue times sometimes are amazingly big (up to 10 mins). Every time I get disconnected it is my internet’s fault. Not the client. How I know this? Because anything that needs the internet doesn’t work anymore.
    On the other hand though. I cannot play Dota 2, My PC can handle it, An error pops up that steam hasn’t been able to fix for over 3 months. So I am stuck with LoL. Luckily enough that works.

    • its happen mostly players who live in euw region. I live in slovakia, next to poland and play on Euw, but nothing happend to me nor my freinds, but about half my friends from Germany, France, Spanish have problems thats why it is WIERD

  27. Ehh? I never get this problem when I play? Get a better internet connection perhaps?

    Also why are people still using avast and other free anti-virus software, when ‘MICROSOFT SECURITY ESSENTIAL’ is there and is specially created for windows PC. It’s also free!

    Never in my LoL history I have ever experience those, other than those server overloading times.

    My sympathy to the OP and others who can’t play LoL.

  28. Get a better Computer and a better Internet Cable Access. I’ve been playing LoL ever since it was on ABT and CBT till present. I’ve never once had a major problem with the game. I think the poster just don’t know how to tweak things up to his crap computer. Please delete this thread or w/e you can call it. It’s a sore in the eye just to see it in the home page.

  29. There will always be problems on the servers. It is a very very hard work, very complicated, very deep. It is not similar to your fortrun or C++ code. It is very very complicated and it takes very long time even with lots of people to find what caused the problem. To me league cominity not counting the weird playerbase, the responsible ones are very caring of their players. Their support system is very slow because hundreds of thousands of players mail a ticket each day. Wouldyou be able to read all that? They are still developing and improving. They are not perfect yet, they need the support and positive attitude. Just relax untill they are done
    with their job and come back to the game.

  30. all you ppl are doing are naming and comparing fav mobas and all comments are off topic with few expressing opinions on the matter…

    so you think LOL and Riot are the only ones with these lame support answers?

    same thing happened with me in back light retribution they made me add ports and what not nothing happened i could not even connect to the server so i just un installed it.

    you see every person has a right to express their point of view one person is speaking up rather than bashing up the person clearly understand what he is saying and stop with the fan-boy bashing.

    this post is just one example to many other companies foolish support responses and i believe this post is speaking up against the sheer negligence of the company towards its players.

  31. I’ve played this game for 2 years now aswell, and I never, never had any problems with EUW , and if i had problems , it was from my side and not the games side, (ping/lag/fps drop/etc) . You often see the people with problems speak, but the amount of people with problems is still way smaller than the people with no problems at all. Stop QQ’ing , reinstall, get a new pc, or get a new isp.

  32. You know function and meaning of TANK in games? tank must carry the game, croud controls, slows silence and other sh**. if u are SHEN, RAMMUS, AMUMU, or MALPHITE; you cant kill him with ADC and melee AD, you know?
    I play long time games from dendy, I’m 24 years old and every TANK i seen in games, YES you never cant kill good tank but he cant deal damage like here, for example in world of warcraft, you cant kill tank but he cant kill you too in 1 taunt like rammus can i n that game. ok tank champ is one problem and second is that even LE BLANC can use thornmails and warmog, its bullshit i cant watch that 4 of 5 wearing warmogs and thornmails its idiotism its not game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE ITEM AND CHAMPION ROLES – like if champ is TANK he can put warmogs and thorns but if he is AP or ADC – he couldn’t use it
    P.S. sorry for my English

  33. I have been playing LoL since it first launched. And I gotta say, Riot has gone way down hill in terms of community relations. Riot continuously does things just so they can make more money. I.E making champions 7800 IP for the first week. They know a lot of summoners don’t have that much IP so they put it at a high price so people will buy RP to play the champ. Riot also increased the price on the most popular skins and lowered the price on the least popular skins. I am deeply saddened by what Riot has become.

    • wait, you want Riot to lower the price of skins that sells and are well made and make the ones no one wants expensive, making them even less attractive? this would make no sense o.o”

      and the 7800 IP, people that buy with IP usually wait for the free week to see if the champ is worth it, even because, in 2 weeks there will be probably some balance patches… so why buy it first week? Only people with RP want that anyway, to buy the pack with skin cheaper

    • First of all it is clear you do not follow the forums at all in the L.O.L. The increase of IP is a pledge by the players themselves. They increased the IP of the new champions so not everyone would be able to buy it instantly. When everyone bought it, after match was found 3 out of 5 people would want to play it. This was the real dedicated ones are able to play it without that much trouble. To make up for this riot has decreased the few other champs’ IP prices and will continue to decrease them accordingly with each 3rd champion released. Also the RP prices of many skins were reduced thanks to the feedback. They think about the community, you are just unable to see it blinded by your ignorance.

  34. like seriously delete this crap this kid is obviously trolling get over it if the game is down go outside and enjoy life don’t come to mmobomb and complain no one else does…

  35. I don’t get this post, like this “Telling people to shut down their firewall, is JUST WRONG” thing… every company in their first reply, the support will tell you everything the guy did, including the firewall, this is not wrong, this is to narrow the possibilities so the support can help you further

    don’t expect that your solution will come with 1 e-mail to support, sometimes it takes 5 or more, depends on what is the problem

    also, you can say that the problem is in their end if “a lot of people” have problems, it can be a internet provider problem, pc specs, etc… and if you don’t give them this type of information -and apparently you didn’t – it will take longer to find the fix to the problem

    about having complains on forums, omg, any forum of any game will have hundreds of complains, that doesn’t mean anything, there are people that, after 30 min without the support response, start making posts on the forum complaining

    and, if in the end the problem IS on their end, it is a database problem or connection or whatever, you have to understand that it might take more than 3 days, especially when people rant about it but doesn’t give helpful information about their problem

  36. I’ve been playing LoL for about 2 years now, as well, started on east, and switched to west later on. Never had problems like these, if something does happen, they leave a message that there are problem, and that they are working on it, and usually, it is fixed within an hour, which is pretty acceptable for me. I never alone had problems, that aren’t affecting everyone on the server, and that maybe happens once per month, or even once in two months, and that’s between the patches, so it’s reasonable that something has happened with the new patch, and that it’s causing problems, but they work it out very fast.

  37. Riot already stated they are testing the solution for those issues and already talked about a possible compensation. Just wait for it.
    Had an issue with delay during 4 days in which we had 3-6 seconds delay in game and I didn’t rant about it, had to wait for the proper solution to arrive.

  38. well altho its not to do with EU for a ages they hint towards AU servers since of the large player base here and still CBF getting them cause having 250 ping vsing someone with 12 isnt realy fair. and tons are posting about when they r adding them.

  39. I’ve been playing on EUNE for a year now, and I haven’t noticed any problems regarding the client or server. I don’t understand why this thread is on the main page of mmobomb.

  40. many people who have commented on this post did not understand anything,this person is absolutely right and I have the same thing .. but people like you who do not understand, he can not even give the right answer anyway …so go buy a skin,champion spend your money like a GIRL…

    • You are ignorant, you are still wearing your horsemask. Whenever there is a problem Riot does compensation for it. Every time. That means they care. Also the even 300-500 players is only a very small portion of the playerbase. It is hard work. You wouldnt be able ot solve it, you wouldnt even understand anything. So let the pros do their work, thsi takes time. They arent magicians. Understand the concept here. Each day they do not solve this they would loose players meaning they loose money. You wouldn’t be very smart to think they would want this to happen.

  41. Why on earth is this on the front page? This is just some rant by some player who had a problem with the game.

    LoL is a huge game with millions of players. Crap happens A LOT when you’re dealing with a large playerbase like that.

    IMO, articles like this should be posted elsewhere on the website, not on the front page. There are hundreds of rants, complaints, pissing contests, etc. at the LoL forum already… we don’t need it here.

    • Hey Ed,

      I appreciate your feedback. I will take a look into what we can do to improve the quality of these articles. I think that there is a place for these articles to be noticed by our readers, but I do agree that the contents of the article could be better worded and be more unbiased.


  42. Whats wrong with the solutions the admin gave? They are like 80% solution for most of the cases, this opinion is ridiculous, MMOBomb, delete x)

  43. Another thing,

    I’ve been following this website for a while now. About a year.

    This is the single most disappointing thing to see pop up on the main site page.

    MMOBomb, please take my advice and move this member zone trash to a more subtle location for people that actually want to read whatever some member has to say about games can just visit the member zone page or something.

    This article is extremely biased and has horrible intentions. Do you really want to advertise something that wants everyone to avoid LoL even though it’s a hugely successful game with one of the largest game communities? How do you know that this one person isn’t just having problems and over-exaggerating in his article about it? There’s no facts. Just a documentation of one persons bad experience.

    So again, please make a member zone page dedicated to these articles. No one wants to see them on the main page as you can clearly see in the comments.

    • Trust me, this is not a biased nor horrible intention.

      EUW has, and always been bugged as hell. It had some moments where it was OK, but all the others were always better… Also, when the game has issues, NA and others get some kind of compensation, be it RP or whatever… EUW gets nothing… Besides more problems to boot.

      There was a time about 1-2 weeks ago where most people had to repair the game to run it each time… So a repair or two per day was basically mandatory… Reason? The game just refused to login, claiming it couldn’t connect. When a ping and a trace showed that there was no problem at all connecting to the login servers.

      So yeah, Riot isn’t exactly giving any care AT ALL to EUW servers… Not wanting them to shower EUW with favours, but at least a full week of running the game without crashes or what not would be lovely.

  44. If he’s under a router he should also try and pet trigger using the ports mentioned.
    Otherwise if he really really love the game, I would attemp a fresh install. People don’t notice but sometimes lots of other third party services that run in the background (even if you disable it) from most F2P games give conflicts to others. I am no where saying that this is the solution but there is still stuff that has to be done to ensure its not your end and in many cases, if they mention that most people shouldn’t have a problem at all, then a fresh install dosent sound bad to me. It’s either a couple hours if installing or weeks and maybe months of your favorite game.

  45. All I see here is butthurt complaining.

    Honestly? You’re probably right. But only half right. They don’t care about the EU servers. The servers their servers are actually located in run perfectly fine. It may or not be true, but I have a feeling their EU servers might not even be located in the EU area, thus explaining ping issues.

    You’re better off trying to play on the more populated and maintained NA servers that they actually do care about.

    Sorry to any EU players. You guys always get the short end of the stick when it comes to online gaming. I can feel your pain oozing out of my monitor right now.

  46. you know the easiest solution to your problem would be a server change. Just go to EU west if east has so many issues. Everything you own will transfer over with your account. I play on the NA server and there are hardly any problems there.

    As for the company not caring about its game, riot games probably has the best model out there currently. They have proven it from time to time hence the reason why they are hosting global tournaments with millions in prize money giveaways. Riot is the only company that i truly respect because they take action, continually update their game and address any major issues that seldom arise and most of all you don’t have to pay to win.

    Look at PWE’s latest venture neverwinter. You have to get 600 zen just to respec your character. The game has major issues/bugs, has downtimes almost every alternate day. The gear is horrendously overpriced, a messed up economy and you hit end game in a matter of days. I know you can’t compare a moba to an mmorpg but if you look at the company ethics and the way they treat their customers i’d say Riot beats every other company out there by a mile.

    So yes i agree with the first reply, this is a troll post and needs to be removed

  47. I understand the poster’s frustration. I’d be rather irritated at a game I wanted to play not allowing me to get on the servers. However, being perfectly honest, I do not much care about his/her problems. Probably mostly due to the fact I don’t much care for League of Legends, if at all. DOTA-likes are pretty boring IMO.

  48. 1 thing that i hate in this game is that ITEMS and CHAMPIONS dont have ROLE, everyone can use everyting, its like rogue and warlock coud use plate armor in world of warcraft, everyone is running with tank items, and one more thing if u are tank and have tank items you also dealing tons of damage, tank is 1 damage dealer in game. game slogan: “take tanks or tank items and you will win”

    if u read this riot balancers – change name of game to LEAGUE OF TANKS!!!!!! shame on you

    • I must approve that,true words,very true,i won 5 games in a row with my 4 friends in same team with all 5 tanks in our team:D OP very OP on min 20 we was unbeatable,so they surrendered to us.This is not fun,an tank it should tank only,not to be dmg dealer,so they ruined season 1-2 of game,old players will know what i`m talking.Ty

      • Having won over 500 games i can say you are wrong Viceroy. A well rounded team will destroy a team full of 5 tanks.

          • well its pretty obvious why teams of all tanks win in less experienced teams vs teams-everyone just shoots the closest thing to them, no focus lol! I think that most people when they start with moba it probably is a good idea to stick to the tanky guys, just build health, you know what I mean-it is a very forgiving style for new players. Then when you get a little experience I think most people prefer the more potent, if slightly more squishy champs (more skill obviously). But it is pretty funny when you see low ranked games and you feel like leaving just because the other team has like, 4 tanks…there is a pretty glaring example of when you see two pro teams goin at it in tourneys, they aren’t running chogath,garen,and w/e other tank guy u wanta throw in there, but those kinda teams do routinely win in scrub v scrub. “Hit the closest guy! Oh shit, there’s a new closest tank guy! get him!” and so on…so it makes perfect sense that the team of all tanks guy thinks its the best setup-he is a noob! plus they are makin all this anti-hp stuff,or percentage life bursters, so I don’t think tanks are that op, just balanced. maybe op in normal games idk….

      • I’m a season one player and i must say….Any champion who can nuke or apply massive damage can easily take down a tank. Example: Veigar. Tanks tend to be slow so….Yea.

        • I’m a season 1 and 2 player and I’m totally agree with Viceroy and also with Trenix (down here), now every champ gets 2.5k of hp like nothing, the defense value improved like hell, and the best item to use against the massive HP in game was eliminated (Madred’s razor), that without thinking in all the “off-tanks” (more like spree-tanks) that just go, get just dmg weapons and end a game with 3.5 -4k HP with 50% lifesteal, 25% spell vamp, over 500 dmg, and 2 combo insta-kills. Season 3 just killed the game for me.

          • Pulling random, false number out of your ass doesn’t make you correct you know, just misleading.

          • I played season 2 from the start and still play… The day you get the 12 item slots needed and a 2 hour game to fill those slots to get those stats, let me know… It’s crazy how on the internet, you can be anything, and you chose to be stupid.

    • I’ve won over a thousand games and I completely agree with you. Riot has done nothing to fix nerf tanks in any way. Part of the problem is the community who care nothing about balance, all they do is ask for buffs because they aren’t playing their champions correctly. Tanks aren’t damage dealers, they are “meatshields”, a term which is a negative way of saying that you do nothing besides take damage. I gladly play as a meatshield because no one else can do it properly and it wins games.

      Yet, it’s almost impossible to balance a game with hundreds of champions anyway, it doesn’t help that masteries, runes, and items are added to the mix. I heard of bad balance, but riot takes the cake. I’ve been told that there are only five trust game designers are in charge of balance which most likely don’t even use statistics. This game is about figuring out the most overpowered champion combination and taking advantage of it because the game was poorly designed.

      Main reason I quit is because one person can ruin a game and I have no say in it. So therefore all my skill goes out the window because I heavily rely on my teammates which I automatically ignore as soon as I enter the game because nothing positive ever comes out of their mouths.

  49. I got this problem recently so i know that for the last couple of weeks it HAS been an issue, two of my friends got it as well during the same time but we’ve managed to fix it, so yes, there is a problem on the EU west servers. However i looked up the help page on their site, and guess what? their help page helped me. I spent 2 hours trying to fix it, looked on youtube for some helper videos and now its working fine for all of us.
    You can’t expect them to magically fix the problem just because you want them to, everyone has a problem in some form for LOL at any one time across the world, so stop acting like yours is special and your entitled to their full attention.

  50. I have tried a lot of these mobas and rpg games i just dont like them at all,rpg games are cheezy and combat is boring,mobas are just blah,both moba and rpg games are very repetitive.Unfortunately the majority of free to play games that have been coming out has been moba and rpg,sucks for me

      • i will try prime world,am i gonna like it?probably not,but you never know.The building aspect of it looks pretty neat

      • Don’t try Prime World, it sucks… Atleast if you expect a moba/RPG but if you like farmville mixed with automated combat… No innovation what so ever.

        • I probably shouldn’t say this because it’s irrelevant to the topic, but…
          Did you test the beta for Aeon of Strife? I’ve never played it, but I think it was the first moba. (Dota was based off of it.)

    • You Do not like moba’s or mmorpg’s. Then what the hell do you play? I guess only FPS witch are all the same shit. Every single one. Try some new silicone crack. Play a few different games. Or step away from your PC for a few days. Watch a few movies or something.

  51. Its a danm shame , everytime mmobomb post something now and days the first 4+ comments be fake account trolls bullshiting the person that made the article\video really sad.

      • noobsters?its realy booring game,same as it getting league of legends,booring game,nothing new and ruining game with new items,new troll maps,so there is an moba that saved my opinion about this type of game.Prime World best moba game ever played,originality and good community.Thank You mmo bomb for giving us that opinion about this game that is loosing players because of bad support and worst community that can ruin your day,if they cant beat u on game they beat you psychic by winning and yelling on you.Dota 2 have good graphics but poor gameplay,overpowered heroes,tricky menu that can ruin new moba players.

        • Dota2 sucks if you’re casual because it’s a game that needs devotion and time. Otherwise it’s a 10/10. To bad I don’t have time for it anymore…

          • Dota 2 hmm I play it for over a year and I played LoL for over a year too and I must say that Dota 2 is better in graphics and everything,but League of Legends is fast paced game and cool.. But I play Dota 2 ofc

        • “Dota 2 have good graphics but poor gameplay,overpowered heroes,tricky menu that can ruin new moba players.”
          “can ruin new moba players” DotA2 isn’t supposed to be noob-friendly, nor was DotA. It’s meant to be a hard MOBA, you need dedication to enjoy it, otherwise you’ll get destroyed and dominated.
          “overpowered heroes” In that game (unlike LoL), if you’re good with your hero, then you can carry your team 1v5. Every single hero is overpowered, but that’s what makes the game fun, there aren’t heroes you won’t ever pick because they’re weak, or ones that make others scream “just not that one, omg, troll” (Heimer, pre-rework Eve, or anything in an unconventional position).
          “poor gameplay” I don’t really understand what you mean by this, laning and farming phases might be a bit longer due to denying (thus leveling slower), but the heroes don’t gain much HP/lvl, disables are long, thus good ganks are devastating (there is even an item that makes heroes in an AoE invisible until close to enemy hero/tower). It’s different from LoL, because it’s a different game, and it also requires different playstyle.
          If you want to play DotA, then you have to drop everything you’ve learnt in LoL and keep only your mechanical skills, because only that’s the same. Disliking a game just because it’s different or hard isn’t right, and tells much about you.

      • Everyone has a different take on it, I dont find it that slow cause its usually crazy, MOBA games arent for you dont play them. MOBA games require some patience and teamwork, they arent action all the time like CoD or BAttlefield or something. Just saying my two cents.

  52. Finally someone speaking out against the actual problems of League of Legends. While this post may seem extreme to most people he has a valid reason to be pissed off, he paid money to support this game that he really enjoyed yet it is now un-playable because Riot has terrible servers and no solutions other than the classic “Turn it off, now turn it back on. Does it work now? No? well i got nothing.” Also EUW may be getting the worst of server issues (like not being able to login) but its well known their asian servers seem to be pretty bad and a lot of my friends and I (whom are on the NA server) will get random ping spikes. For example we will be playing a game then half way through everyones ping jumps to like 999 for the rest of the game and we can’t do anything about it (and we generally lose because it takes about a second for anything to happen). I love LoL but i agree Riot needs to get their shit together, especially for a game with such a huge following. Anyways just my twenty cents. Thank you OP for writing this article, something had to be said.

    • Actually it’s kind of his fault he was screwed over. He said at the beginning he has ALWAYS had problems with an unreliable server since he started playing, so why would you give money to the game? It’s like going to a restaurant and you see roaches crawling around but you still eat dinner there anyway and you complain after the food tastes rotten.

    • Yes!! U are right.and btw loL doesn’t seem to be finished product.I mean u have random ping spikes, the game crashes, u are not able to log in. I have seen games in the beta that were better. But don’t get me wrong LoL could be greatt GREAT game but riot is not DOING SHIT to fix the problems.And as u said EIOT needs to get their shit together.

    • Look the problem with anyone picking up dota after picking up lol is that the DOTA community insisit’s on it being a shit game so what make me want to play a game that sound’s incredibly different to a game I love LOL.

      • You must be new to the internet. Or 12. Either way, I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about but the dota 2 community is far more cooperative, communicative, helpful and generally friendly than the teenage-focused money sink that is LoL…

  53. the firewall thing is a moot point, because yes, you should allow league through your firewall, which is exactly what they requested, the poster, whoever it is is an idiot. and the post about the facebook? called a vocal minority, people who don’t have a problem aren’t gonna post that they dont have one, that’s pointless, they are busy playing, of course it’s gonna look like everyone has the problem.

    • I think he meant he disabled his Firewall and it changed nothing for him. Windows automatically adds new games to firewall exceptions unless you deny it when it asks. He is expressing his frustration with the lack of detailed resolutions instead of the simple common sense ones.

      • Spunk, as much as I like this website and it’s news (and some perfectly beautifully written articles like the ones Jason Winter has been doing lately), I have to say this doesn’t look like a post fitting even in the “memberzone” section; this is just one big rant. This same poster has a thread in the MMOBomb forums AND the League of Legend forums with the same facts.

        Of course, I am with him, Riot’s answers have been retard-level and their support seems non-existant, by all means I would be doing the same: spreading the hatred towards Riot all around the world until I get my fix, but not on MMOBomb’s home page. I come here to see news about games, no rants about how a server from a game I don’t even play doesn’t work as intended.

      • Tard with no sympathy? This post is just one person’s hateful experience with a video game. Everyone dislikes certain games, this one person’s problems don’t illustrate Riot Games at all. They have created one of the most played games in the world. They constantly work hard to keep the game balanced, with updates all the time. No game is perfect and every game has it’s bugs. So troubleshoot your issues and do all that good stuff, but don’t say that Riot doesn’t care about League of Legends or the community because that’s just ridiculous. I do hope your issue gets fixed though, but the disdain for Riot in this message is misplaced.

        • Did you even bother to go read the EU west forums or EU forums at all? No? Didnt think so. More than just “one” person like you are implying. Also speaking up for those who are: A. To lazy to do so. B. To frustrated and have already spoken out.

          This is also a common trend with gaming companies that plan to shut down specific services or servers…. Then again I’m betting you are a casual player at best and have never had the “Pleasure” of dealing with companies like this one.

        • Have you checked the forums?! No support in the forums to start with , it looks like it was abandoned years ago by riot!!

        • no this issue hasnt got fixed but got worse now on the american server i cant connect to the server i get to the log in screen and no matter what password i use my comp pings the server with no response and my firewall isnt in the way


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