I have been a dedicated, loyal customer of Gala-Net for five years, playing their USA version of the free to play game Rappelz. In the last two years I have noticed a substantial change in the management of the game community and the game community itself. I have been a vocal venter throughout this time, making complaints about Rappelz on the game’s forum to draw attention to the problems and hopefully bring about change. While other games want to hear feedback, Gala and its Rappelz community managers and forum moderators seem to punish their players for offering criticism.

I was hacked in/around the beginning of November 2011. I lodged several complaints to Gala-Net at around this time via email and telephone. After multiple failed attempts to speak with a human I ended up playing the “press 0” game and leaving messages for random employees at the company’s Sunnyvale, CA location.

It was only after I had sent out emails to individuals in several different Gala-Net/Gala-Lab offices, including the board of directors, management from other Gala enterprises, that I finally received a telephone call from an individual who identified himself as “Jason” the “community manager”.

I advised “Jason”, in/around the middle of November 2011, that not only was my account hacked and items stolen, but that I received an email from a third party website where they sold in-game money (rupees). The third party website advised me that my order had been rejected. It seems as though the hackers obtained my personal information via the weak security of Rappelz and then attempted to purchase items with my credit card.

Jason, the Rappelz employee, advised me that the company was in the middle of a new epic that was to be released soon and therefore they lacked the resources at that particular time but upon release people would be moved around in the company to handle the problems.

Jason asked me to be patient. My account was eventually restored, however no details regarding the hacking, no follow-up regarding the identity theft- what, if anything, the employees of Rappelz were able to find that I could then pass on to the authorities.

Fast forward to Friday March 30, 2012 where I, still patiently waiting for a response from Gala, notice on the game’s website a ‘goodbye thread’ for a GM named Kyodan leaving the company. If you will recall MMOBomb did an interview with Kyodan regarding the hacking epedemic and customer service fiasco. Kyodan’s responses were ‘cookie cutter’ comments that failed to impress the community.
I posted a comment on March 30, 2012 with my opinion that Kyodan did not deserve the accolydes that he received as an employee of a company who failed its people, as a community manager that failed to mange the community. Shortly after I posted my post I tried to log into my account and found I was banned.

I have not received any notification whatsoever as to why my account was banned. I have sent in multiple emails to the company and once more tried to navigate the company’s telephone system to speak with a human. I managed to make contact with one employee, who took my email to look into things, and after that I saw someone from gala had tried to call me back once. I have followed up with two more emails. No response. I should not be surprised. My patience snapped.

I contacted Sunnyvale, CA police and upon advising of my concerns was told to make a report to the FBI and have followed through with the recommendation as it relates to identity theft. I further stated in my complaint that I had concerns that the hacking may be from within as I felt that the failure to respond to customer emails in a timely manner/if at all, alluded to a cover-up.

As of today, the USA Rappelz gamers continue to be frustrated. The hackings continue to be epidemic despite players changing their passwords. The hackers get access to the warehouses despite the added warehouse password which was supposed to be a security issue. The company was supposed to have a customer appreciation event but could not bestir themselves to give the community a decent Easter event.

Meanwhile, players are quitting, others are begging for servers to be merged as the player base dwindles. The complaints of the gaming community are shut down by the forum moderators at the direction of whatever GM remains in game and/or their bosses. There is a policy now that all complaints regarding hacking must be put in a single forum topic- an attempt by Gala to clean up the visual pile of complaints into one little area so as not to appear as though it’s a big problem. The ‘out of sight out of mind it doesn’t exist’ solution.

After all the disposable income that I have spent on this free-to-play game I never considered it an investment, but I certainly did expect better treatment from the business I have been loyal to for five years. I also did not expect the poor quality control regarding customer service- the company having abdicated their responsibility, leaving the job of communication with the players to forum moderators (at least one of which who hasnt’ played in 3 years) who provide inconsistent and at times snarky responses to the concerns of the player base.

Currently my Hidden Village Pass, purchased from Gala, is running out with no explanation. I’d gladly accept a reimbursement of all funds I have given Gala in the last five years but I suspect somewhere down the line all that the community will receive for an explanation is the comments of another GM used as cannon fodder by the company.

Thank you MMOBomb for responding to my email within the day you received it. It’s been 17 days since I was banned and I still have not received a response to my inquiries. I should have told them in email I was wanting to spend more money on their game. That would have garnered some results, no doubt.

By Lixi, Fenrir Server

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  2. Here is an update on the situation regarding my Rappelz account stolen almost 1 year ago today (today being 04/05/2014)…

    Gala REFUSES to give my account back stating they cannot prove I do own the account…
    This is after I provided…

    Paypal receipts from where I bought gpotatoes from them since they went live …
    Past customer support tickets (which are UNIQUE ). I had my account stolen before and they got it back for me in a matter of hours….it says it black and white right on the support ticket.
    and they have the ability to look up ANY support ticket …they keep a record of those.

    But…they just REFUSE to give my account back.
    So…I’m telling you from experience…..and I hope this helps someone if they are deciding to play or not…

    Rappelz …Gala…they don’t care about their players. All they care about is selling gpotatoes.
    They just dont care.
    They refuse to do anything about all the hackers breaking into peoples account and stealing everything…..it happens every day..literally. So….again….player beware.

  3. Agreed. No customer support at all, mod corruption and the like.

    when flamed, abused and stalked to every post anyone outside the corrupted community makes,
    The CM’s or game main moderators ignore all certain proof and I managed to get one mod to admit in strait up plain text that he was flaming and harassing me.

    I am not alone though. I have multiple threads as complete proof it is a fully corrupt community and run by a select few people the that quite literally run the servers population so long as the volunteer mods are friends with them.

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  5. Well, we all know that Aion is a korean game that came out in around 2009 if i remember correctly. I started playing it since open beta and never have i ever seen ANYONE complain about an account hack/stolen. They have a really cool security. After entering ur ID and password, you will b taken to ur toon selection screen. There, once u select ur toon a new mini-window pops up where you have to type ur sectret combination of numbers. There will b a mini number pad shown in this window, where every single time u login/logout, these numbers will b randomized making it impossible for keyloggers to get into ur account.
    A double layer of protection for ur account if u will 😉

  6. This sh*t is not only about rappelz but about other games from Gala too
    the same thing goes for all their games.
    I got hacked in Fly For Fun about year ago where mass hacks occurred, and i’m waiting for restoration over a 8 months so clearly their costumer support does not what it should do….

  7. Your ‘you must have done something wrong’ suggestion makes me think of pimple faced tubby twats reading off ‘help desk’ directions on the phone at the telemarketing job they got with a computer product company. In other words: redumbdant. In other words: So stupid you’ve returned for seconds of your own stupidity.

    My gaming comptuer was stricktly for gaming. No emaiing, no facebooking, no streaming anime *vomit*, no downloading music.

    For your information I stopped downloading midget and rat people porn years ago. Unles it’s a small world afterall and one of the ankle biters took my real life information and stalked me to Rappelz to cause me to be one of hundreds/thousands of account holders who over years and years of gaming there, have been hacked/etc multiple times and continued to be hacked after I was banend for complaining about customer service/hacking and calling otu attempts of Gala to obscure the identity theft/financial theft concerns I was expressing.

    Nevermind the fact that gala has made people change passwords because Gala data base was hacked/interfered with/corrupted….but hey, that’s my fault, you’re right on that……for beign stupid enough to play a Gala game.

    Accounts aren’t getting hacked left right and centre.


    I don’t know about today, but I know about the situation when I first posted here.

    Actually, quit thinking together.

    The lightheadedness you must be feeling is a direct result of some of the assanine comments you made in your post.

    The problem not being with Gala and hacking when you in the next sentence blame Devs inability to code protection…. the devs of course being employed by gala. But it’s nto Gala’s fault for creating a crappy system.. no no, it’s the fault of the crappy workers.. that not crappy GALa hired and mentored and trained and keeps employed.

    But it’s not the fault of Gala.

    It’s mine.

    For being on a porn site tha tI wasn’t on.

    Just stop thinking.

  8. Korean MMOs generally have very weak protection. It is because they’re developed in Korea, and the law there allows for weak protection. I mean, you need ID to register to games, you’re not allowed to play past certain hours, etc. etc. Accounts aren’t getting hacked left and right there. And this is why Gala can’t do anything about the hacking problem. It is a problem with the devs’ inability to code a protection. Gala, in none of their games, do any of the coding.

    You need to be extremely careful with your info with Korean games. Nobody can know your account name. Your password has to be on the border of a full sentence in German. Some long string of letters and numbers that only you can know.

    On to the rest – according to the agreement that you accept by using Gala’s services, you’re not allowed to say anything bad about any of their staff on the forums or defame the company on their forums. In that case they had the complete right to ban you, and they didn’t owe you anything. No, this had nothing to do with the identity theft.

    PS: In the future, stick to MMOs made by Russians or Europeans if you want security. We know too goddamn well how to do it.
    PPS: Actually, quit gaming. If you think you getting hacked means you have to get the FBI up Gala’s ass you’re wrong. Getting hacked was most likely your own fault one way or another – visiting porn site, visiting some pirating site, visiting some movies or anime streaming site – all these are borderline sure way to get yourself hacked if you’re not extremely careful.

  9. well, luckily that i quited the game quite some time ago, then when I WISH to go back and play but couldn’t find my genie, i somehow quited. Now i am finding new online game to play

  10. Just another update. July 18, 2012.. still banned, sitll no answer why, they in effect stole money and failed to provide a service/reimburse. On the plus side, I hear everyone and their dog is still being hacked on multiple occassions on Rappelz and I’m playing another game 🙂

  11. Just a quick update… the only response from Gala regarding these concerns have been via their request sent to Mmobomb.com to have contact information that was posted in here by another posted removed. There has been no response to my further inquiries. I have left three more voice messages for random employees at the company as they do not make it easy for people to contact them, sent in 2 more emails, and filled in a customer service form at their website with my contact information there as well.

    Clearly they care more about people not contacting them than they do servicing their customers.

    The items that I have purchased via their cash shop are not accesible due to the continued ban, no reason has been provided regarding the continued ban, no response has been received regarding my concerns that my personal information has been taken and so forth and so forth.

  12. Based on my customer service experience with Iris Online and Luna Plus, I’m not surprised. gPotato’s service quality has dropped A LOT in the past 1 or 2 years. I’m not sure why.

    During Luna Plus’ prime (when they were still Luna Online), gPotato’s service was exceptional. Then several key GMs left (such as Saphars) and that’s when it went spiraling. I guess gPotato was facing some internal issues and employees left for better opportunities, which caused things to go from bad to worse.

    • Hell, forget about gpotato, i played flyff from 2006 till 2008 and already then noticed gPotato sucks.

      no really, that has been the reason i never even started playing rappelz. Heard of it as a kinda nice MMORPG back in time. I knew it would end up like this, got even Worse in Flyff.

      Greets, ed

  13. You have right to be angry but to wan’t a full refund of every cent you ever put into the game is selfish and unreasonable. You still got use out of everything you baught, only thing to expect would be your hidden valley pass. The hacking is a result of a third party they technically had no role in your account hacking. Nor should you expect any refund for the player base decrease or game experience changeing, again technically the game is not directly responsible

    • I think asking them for a refund was one of those ‘wisfhul thinking’. I haven’t received a response from these clowns in 20 days now… like a lot of players who haven’t had their emails returned, their hacked accounts restored.. to expect anything else from this company is just grasping for the ankles of a runnaway joke. This exercise in futility is just one way to seeing whether or not someone’s able to ‘man up’ and take responsibility and demonstrate some class.

  14. Lmao- pretty ridiculous isn’t it? That Rappelz would ask Mmobomb to remove comments that their moderators pasted on Rappelz forums and that I posted here. They are more concerned for how their moderators are called out for their behavior than their customer base’s frustration with the company’s response to the hacking.

    Rappelz also hid the thread on their forums that was started by another player who linked to this article/commentary.

    19 days and counting. Still no response from Gala.

    • Guess I most have struck a nerve when I posted all that contact info. LOL that is fine any one can contact me in game on the forum or over at my site flyingright.net. I will post that info over there as well. Also posted it on the Rappelz official facebook page the none official rappelz group and also the fenrir server facebook group.

  15. so, this company has time and resources to monitor internet, mmobomb in this case, but can’t resolve hackinging problems? even more – they have resources to send complains about coments here, but can’t provide customer support for their clients? that’s… oh well, ty mmobomb for a players voice here:) keep it up. this kind of articles and issues should be covered in your videos aswell.

  16. Oh my…Thats why iam thinking about stop playing free mmo’s, all companys do the exact same thing…I wanted to try Rappelz, then i read about that hacking back in 2011, well looks like the company dont give a f*ck to the players, and that makes me sick.They simple try to shut down everyone who talk about hackers, “because the less people know about it, the more idiots buy Cash”.

    Its sick, just sick…

    • Just to let you know that p2p games are also the same as those f2p games, except that they do keep a little more responsibility.

      Take MMW3 for the PC for example. Lately a hack called Chaos or so was used in MMW3 and what did the game company do? They tried to fix it, but left out all the other hacks such as aimbot and walling. The problem with the chaos hack didn’t get fixed and still continues on. Still they tried to only fix the Chaos hack but not any other hacks.

      P2P games take a few responsibilty but are still pretty much the same as those f2p games.

  17. lol, i am not surprised of this outcome, gala really did go downhill when their last supportive gm stepped down (GM Chris), and i myself was banned too just because i used an email that had a “Different Region code, hence we of Gala-Net will not allow continued usage of this account” (actual words from the last e-mail that i got from them).

    At many aspects, Gala is starting to become just like Nexon (in which if you didn’t know, alot of accounts were hacked dry, and my account was no exception), in which both had bad customer service, in Nexon, i got banned by nexon just because of posting the hacker’s name and IP address in their forums, even if it was a legit reason and i was not the only one who got hit by this hacker. As for Gala, they just left me out to dry when i asked on why did they suddenly ban my account just because of an email with a different region code.

  18. Can you believe it (yes, I can)? The forum mods or the GM’s removed the thread on the Rappelz General forum with the discussion regarding Lixi’s letter here.

    • I didn’t post it there, another player who saw this here did and I’m grateful for it. last I checked it was up, but I’m not suprrised it was shut down, removed. it’s in keeping with their behavior related to all the hacking posts.

      Disposable customers for a disposable game.

        • Are you really kidding me Magicman?

          April 18, 2012 at 12:14 pm

          COMMENT REMOVED: In response to a complaint received by the Gala-Net Inc, we have removed this comment.

          • Sorry SnakeDoc/flyingright , According to the Gala-net several of the email address and links are a violation of their coworker’s privacy.

          • If it was a violation of their coworker’s privacy they should not have it so easy to get from just a 5 minute search online. They need to have their coworkers set their privacy settings a bit better on these sites. Also it is public recorders for their company email address’s. Plus I really don’t see how their co workers privacy should really matter to MMOBOMB. If they only had this type of protection for their client base this article and many like them would never be needed. Also the clients would not need that info to get in touch with them. But I understand that being a new’s site some times you have to fold under Big Brother Business. Again I still thank mmobomb for a some what open forum and i stress some one now.

          • I don’t personally delete things on here. That’s what we have our own moderators for to keep us out of trouble 🙂

      • Just heard of the continued hackings in Rappelz. I’m playing another game now and I have to tell you the ability to contact support via email/phone/insta message online, via ingame reporting features as well.. the level of customer service, sense of humor, and quick response.. is just such a complete opposite to my experience (and obviously that of others) playing Rappelz.. I now believe that rappelz is nothing more than a dollar store type of quality casino gambling game run out of someone’s rented closet. The idiots in California are just polyester print window dressing.

  19. This Muah clealy is a Baha idiot…If he had a nut sack attached hed identify himself …you know IGN???? Funny how so many hide behind the net and choose to troll knowing no one knows them…Net courage is so cool bro…….
    Lixi is speaking the truth, everyone knows it and for those of us who enjoy this game it sux that they let such a promising game wither away……Until Gala decides to upgrade what they need to , were going to be faced with this issue…..

    • if you had a brain you would realise that muha is my IGN. wat u gonna do now mr internet tough guy? you scare me ohhh so much =( . plz dont hurt me T_T

      • I like ignorant people like you. All anyone would have too do is get the IP you posted from and get your address. It just shows your stupid and you are a coward. However you do entertain many of us with your stupid opinions, so thank you.

        • ohhhh plz dont come beat me up in rl =( i 9 yr old guy, i skurreeeed T_T

          i callz da FBI, u just threatened ma lief thur! my parents sue you!!

    • What everybody thinks is that the company is kick ass and all but they soon find out that it isn’t what the company is. It is the truth that everyone see’s as time pass by. Then all you will see is that this shitty ass company with this kick ass game that is being screwed over so bad that people starts to leave until something is done, but not for long people start to leave again. Truth be told.

    • Just ignore muha, hes a troll. Hes just trying to piss you off. Hes a grown man acting like a 5 year old on the internet.

        • ha ha ha that is why muha got kicked from Rappelz server and banned from forum cause he was scamer
          than kicked again than new user than he scamed all over again than he got kicked again, than his mother breastfeed him cause he only knows that
          than all over the world people got his unique password
          than he got his lunch again and than he realizes that only way 2 get his master satisfied is 2 get no life like he hasn’t got before and play that game and take all his power to defend someone that is like him, and scam again until he was so into this that he wasn’t in game but all over the forums and sites that have 1 word Rappelz in it and than troll all day and get payed for that from people that still hack and scam and of course those rupie sellers

          after all i was sending Gala complaint of only 12 letter password restriction cause if they have more they couldn’t blame us for getting our passes hacked

          I never got hacked on my more than 28 combo letter password anywhere and some were on clouds where hackers stole other peoples lives (that is little 2 hush but point is important)

  20. I lol xD they remind me of (Ijji) But aeria took over so im happy xD Hope ur acc gets un-banned and u get reimbursed 😀 (if not u could always take up the ways of the guys that took ur account) hehehe

  21. Wondering, you hate the moderators? That’s the gist I’m getting here. I don’t care for them myself since I got warned couple times, one for posting a pic and one more for mentioning about privet server. I did not whine on the forums though. Only walked away.

  22. This is how Thundernik, a Rappelz Forum Moderator, responds to this post and this author no the Rappelz forum post referring people to this article, as a representative of the Rappelz gaming community.

    by thundernikk » Tue Apr 17, 2012 3:46 pm

    cyberstone wrote:
    Read the article, the ban seems strange, would be nice to see some topics or comments on these forums that are directly related to that person/incident.

    It was Lixi…(Spelled with a “y” here lyxi would be the author search)

    Should be self explanatory, but do an advanced search for author and draw your own opinions on the player.

    This is how another forum moderator and representative of Gala responds to the concerns of its membership:

    Re: Rappelz makes mmobomb !
    by servedbyrinoa » Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:19 pm

    Love how I am the main show in that article.

    You guys do know that I made the decision to move all hack threads into one thread. Gala-net didn’t tell me to do anything regarding those.

  23. I used to play but stop when my account got hacked up and was told they could not help me since I shared my account with some in another nation. I resent email saying that might be the hack, but was told by their worthless cs the case was closed. I posted my complaint on the message board, but it disappeared. I believe the moderators or game master hide stuff they don’t like. One think I do note is gala can’t keep games long. My last visit to the website, they lost Luna, TR and the game named after a car.

  24. I got one rule for gamers Never be a fan of a gaming company. The company starts off being nice and responsible but when they get big they don’t give a dam about you. All they care for is finding ways to get money. If people start leaving and they start losing money, then they will do something but after that, they go back to being some greedy ass company who don’t care about you again. Sure you can be a fan of the game but don’t be a fan of the company.

  25. I must say I disagree with the wh being hacked, at least in my experience. Just about a month ago another one of my alts was hacked (of course after the first alt of mine was hacked 6-7-8 months ago whatever it was I changed all passwords). All the hacker took was 25 mil rupees from the character, didn’t even bother taking loot pets, feathers and other valuable cs items that would’ve netted much more than the pathetic 25 mil he took.

    Also, safely in the wh remained my 155 WD with its d3 equips. So I think warehouses being hacked are a myth.

    But overall have to agree, their customer service and weak reasoning, explanations and FINALLY taking responsibility after a year or two of hacks is epicly lame and pathetic.

    • I tend to agree as well after talking to some of the people that said their WH was hacked as well they tend to tell me the same thing. Either the password was the same as the log in password or the password was 123456. Reason I feel the wh is still safe is because that password is stored on the gaming sql not the site sql. They have hacked the site not the gaming servers.

        • Anyway, its not an issue of how secure a password is, because its clearly on the the 14 character limit. Which prevents a secure password to begin with. It really shows your stupidity. Which is the difference between you and everyone else.

        • Hacking the company allows you to see all the password and account name of everything out there that the company has in stored. So changing the password or having an extremely hard to remember long password wont change a thing, since it will just be written on the stored data.

  26. I’ve never really favored Gala-Net or their games–not necessarily bad service, but hearing complaints from other friends, it actually sets me off. Your reason is valid, I absolutely commend you on doing what you did and I sincerely hope you keep fighting for it. You’re one member who has stepped up to fight for what’s right, and I hope to see more like you. Good job, Lixi.

  27. Magicman, I had heard that “free to play cast” on youtube but I can’t find it. I recall the commentary and I recalled feeling embarassed at having played the ‘game’ as long as I had but also could hear in the ‘play cast’ the almost snickering like response to Kyodan’s comments. I agreed entirely with the assessment.

    Not only were the concerns taken seriously, but the problems have contineud to escalate and the company seems more unresponsive now tot he community than ever. They are content to push al lthe ‘hacking’ concerns into one thread and show more concern over a GM/Moderator being maligned than the players being hacked.

    This is one example where the idiots (lower end employees/moderators) have taken over the assylum.

    • It was episode 2 found here: https://www.mmobomb.com/show/free-to-play-cast-rock-out

      And I agree, while we were certainly NOT laughing at the playerbase or making light of their particular situations we found the replies from the company to be odd, canned, and in some places downright absurd. “We are experiencing an increased number of attacks because we are getting close to blocking the hackers totally” was a weird answer for why there was an increase in attacks.

      The full article Q&A can be found here: https://www.mmobomb.com/rappelz-hacking-interview

      In my eyes, any company that charges for product of any type (games, vacuum cleaners, whatever) also carries the responsibility of customer service and support. No on deserves to have their account hacked. If someone misbehaves in game they may deserve a ban, but not a hack.


      • I think from everything I heard from the gaming community that we all really appreciated the individuals that approached you with our concerns, but your quick response and willingness to act on teh information. The opportunity you afforded Gala/Rappelz was a class act and your ‘after interview’ response was not seen as an insult to us, but a validation for how we were feeling. That sense of ‘okay, so it’s not just us…’.

        There are a wide variety of gameres in Rappelz/USA. Some are very pro, have played and do play multiple games and some are first timers, kids, or those of us who maybe aren’t coordinated and stuff but like to pew pew and use it to socialize- from the responses that I have seen your attention heped to mobilize/motivate players into keeping the heat on/etc. Thank you for that!

          • Yes Leza.. i was in a guild with one of the not very active in game moderators… although she was a hell of a lot mroe active than the one moderator who hasn’t played the game in 3 years but continues to provide their ‘assistance’ to players in forums..which is to say a lot of snarky responses by rappelz forum moderators.. apparently gala does not monitor the forum monitors.

  28. I’m not a Rapplez player, and I’ve never been one, but as it seems your complains doesn’t get the right response and even though you’ve been told to contact the FBI for identity theft it still doesn’t seem very right treatment to its players. I think that if you want to get a deserving attention you should sue the company for lack of assistance to the client or something like that, I’m sure theres something that can be taught them if you can find the right department to hit them in.

    • A friend of mine had problems with a game. That “Friend” spent some money to buy some cash shop money and what happens? The company acted as my “Friend” didn’t buy any cash shop money. He didn’t recieve any cash shop money but on the credit card billing, it said that “Friend” spent over 300 bucks on the game. “Friend” emailed the game company and told them about the situation. Company said that “Friend” didn’t ordered anything. So what did my “Friend” do? Decided to get a lawyer and sue the company because my “Friend” had the evidence. Then what the company did? Company gave back the money and “Friend” recieved about 500 bucks worth of cash shop money.

  29. Now i have never been hacked and account issues at all. However it seems the American Run servers are just awful. Korean services are at their all time high with tons of responses and millions of happy people, here its just a bunch of friends who wanted a free game to play together. I wanted to be the next guy to not spend a single penny and get to 200 on my own but dungeons have little to no interest as no one is low enough when i log to help, they just all reply “Get a E3 Angel” which is in the billions. If anything Gala-Gpot should sell their rights to one of many companies willing to take up the slack in this coming age of next gen MMO’s. With the right team they could squash some of the big names and even revive a game that has a decent system to it. I haven’t played in over 2 years due to just losing interest in the major grind.

    • The reason why the Korean service is because every has to use their SSN, while in usa we only need our email and an account. That’s why usa game company don’t really care. It’s all about making the money. Unless USA decides to use SSN for signing up for a game account, then they would keep a better service.

  30. I am going to skip any commentary on the game itself here or it’s community, but I can say that when we covered the Rappelz interview with Kyodan on the “Free to Play Cast” we tore the answers apart. They were generic company speak replies to legitimate problems players of their game were concerned with and they were not taken seriously in my own personal opinion.

    • Hey Magicman,

      I most say they did seem to step it up in trying to fix things. Restoring peoples account faster,admitting they had trouble. They said they brought in out side help to step up the security on the website. Even went as far as posting on the website on Jan14th to issue a mass password change after so called fixing the log in page. But not days after they posted that people that did change their passwords had started to get hacked again. The started to block the spam botz in the servers. It all lasted until Kyodan that you just talked about decided to find a new job.

  31. I read everything he had posted and wow… I do feel quite horrible and bad for him, it seems most game companies/host portals are doing this sort of thing now, I have accounts on games all over the net banned for no reason, maybe someone hacked them and did something, and yes I was also banned from their site/games aswell.

    Really needs to have more security all over, I do love tho that I was banned from WoW and I never played it, sure I had an account tho it was so I could dl the game and test out a private server, I find it odd how “We are going to ban you for trying to sell your account and or ingame items for money” and I never touched the game…

    I do hope something good comes out of all this for you man, karma will get them and they will be crushed!

    • Appearantly, I’ve also been banned for no reason. There might be a reason but Gala won’t give you the reason. All they will do is give you their rules of things you’re not suppose to do. How would you know what you did wrong if Gala didn”t tell you what you’ve done.

      • Some accounts were banned because the hackers hijacked the account and had been using them as ruppee site spammers. Good chance yours was one of them….

  32. You are right my password was the same but to let you know as all my passwords. I change them every 3 weeks and never had a trouble until Gala net was hacked. I am forced to change passwords for work so i change them all. I would say Rappelz but all the other rappelz host don’t seem to be having this issue. So in short if Gala was not hacked my email would not have been hacked. So please stop sounding like customer service and pointing the figures at me. Regardless of the passwords being the same or not. Gala-Net already admitted they had a major issue with their log in page. SO yeah maybe I should have not used the same password but on another hand they should have better security when requesting a password from me.

    • lululululul so you’re stupid enough to set all your passwords the same, but when shit happens you blame others for your stupidity? nice logic. what are you, a woman?

      • Did you miss the point where all password are changed every 3 weeks and yes I will blame them for their lack of security on their website, if not for the lack of their security they would not have gotten my email address or my password. You most be a little kid so please sit back shut up and let the adults talk. Oh and before you address me again realize I have been in IT networking security for more than 20+ years and I have forgotten more about internet security than you will ever know.

        • Yet you’re stupid enough to use the same pass for everything…. if you’re gonna use the same pass for something u dont care about its ok, but for your main email acc? thats retarded as shit…

          |_| thats my care-o-meter about your IT networking. i still think you’re a woman for blaming others for your stupidity

          and no, i dont favor gala, they’re beyond bad and thats common knowledge, but i find this QQing fun. you go get them boys! im sure this whole article will change alot!
          dont forget to call the fbi too, that will show them.

          or wait… maaaaaaaaybe you can just STOP playing their games? O.O !

          also, its pretty stupid how people expect to get their money back… was your choice to spend it, get over it. if you’re this unhappy with the company and see that giving them your money was a waste…. idk maybe stop doing it ^_^

      • What a fool who don’t know anything. I have been hacked as well even though I’ve played Rapplez only for a week and quit. Both my password for the game and the email are different and yet it was still hacked into. A fan of Gala will always try to back Gala up. Just wait until you as a fan of Gala get your own ass hacked. Then you would come to understand that game company don’t care about your ass even if you’re a fan of Gala.

        • theres many differences between me and you, one of them is that i know they dont care about players (i’ve been waiting for a char to be restored for over 2-3 months).

          another is how i dont go QQ in just about every forum there is just to call for attention.

          • I don’t QQ about this but it is a serious matter for those who actually spend real money on the game. Those are the people I am agreeing with but for those who don’t spend a penny on the game don’t have to care about it. You, sounding like one of those people who don’t spend a penny on the game, are one of them. That’s why I can see you just saying these people are just QQing about this crap.

  33. Death threatts? I threatened to mruder someone’s children? Iv’e said a lot of nasty things in chat to idiots, of which I think your’e one, but to accuse me of that? That’s rather weak?

  34. Oh Lixi maybe it has something to do with your nerd rage in game as well. Or quite possibly the death threats you make to people and their children. Quit acting as if you’re this innocent little victim. You deserved everything you got. Once you threaten to murder peoples children and burn their houses down you deserve no sympathy. Too bad whoever got you didn’t do more damage.

  35. Yea, im sure crying like a baby everywhere and spitting nonsense, calling the police, the FBI is all gonna help ^_^

    i dont even know who this fenrir crybaby is, nor do i care… i just found it pretty funny that “it” wrote an article crying about it.

    and if your hotmail account got hacked its because you’re stupid and used the same passwords, since you never have to put your hotmail password for anything related to rappelz… so yeah gj on setting passwords as “password”, “qwerty”, “123qwerty” and so on.

    ps: i totally work for gala and the hackers, this is all a massive plot to get all your moneiz and im in it, kekeke ^_^ all ur moolah r belong ta me

    • For someone who doesn’t care, you seem to give this article a lot of attention. So either you let the adults discuss or just read instead of having to reply something pathetic. Identity thief is not something to make jokes or troll about, you will grow up one day and you will see it brings a lot of problems that you don’t have at your age, kiddo. Now go take a nap and think about it, you need rest, kids like you need to rest their mind in peace, because all you think about is shit, then they get their little nappy and they feel all happy. In other words, just gtfo.

      Keep replying now, show us how you “don’t care”.

  36. MMObomb is very good at helping communities. As for muha with your comments it sounds more like either you work for gala or you work for the hackers or maybe you just have a childish love for lixi that you must feel the need to bring over here when she is trying to get shed some more light on the players getting screwed over. She is not the only one that would love to see something done about this. Not 2 days after my gala-net account was hacked my hotmail account was as well one that I have had sense 1998 and never had a single trouble with.

    I am also sure muha that if you are a true player you know someone that you may call friend that has been hacked because of this by making the comments about Lixi is nothing more than you making the same comments to your friends. So think before you run your mouth….

    • dont feed into the troll, thats all he is and a bad one at that.

      its great to get the word out about a bad game across many websites. lets ppl know to stay away

  37. I should have included concerns from other gamers who have had their emails hacked, their personal identity stolen, and have had to cancel all sorts of cards/financial relationships because of being hacked via the poor security of the game only to then be made to feel like beggers when contacting Gala/Rappelz for assistance. Thank you for the positive feedback to my fellow gamers and ty to MMOBomb for your professionalism and great ‘customer service’.

  38. LOOOL its not enough crying on forums, you have to make an article about it on other sites crying about it? dats srly sad!

    Fenrir is the new Pantera it seems D: filled with crybabies.

    favorite paragraph:

    I contacted Sunnyvale, CA police and upon advising of my concerns was told to make a report to the FBI and have followed through with the recommendation as it relates to identity theft. I further stated in my complaint that I had concerns that the hacking may be from within as I felt that the failure to respond to customer emails in a timely manner/if at all, alluded to a cover-up.

    ty for teh lulz ^_^

    • Gotta love the big ugly trolls, I must ask how much money have you put into one game over the extent of 5 years? This guy has every right to complain about the injustice that GalaNet has portrayed to their paying loyal customers.

      This article and this guy are in every right. I am sorry I really hope GalaNet is shut down along with every other umbrella company in its reign. it is a crappy company that I have left in my wake due to poor server maintanence and customer service.

      Everything that was mentioned in this Artical falls under many laws that have been violated by GalaNet. they deserve everything that is to be thrown at them. please people do not stand for such injustice to paying customers. as for “muha” you are a flaming troll and should be gagged.

      • why stop at gagging…
        We could cut off his testicles feed them to german shepards followed by a crucifiction with wild man eating boars let loose to feast upon him while he slowly dies and then we do the same thing to the rest of his family to put a halt to the bloodline and maybe diminish the troll count.
        OT though…if someone is attempting to use a persons stolen identity it is a criminal offense and the FBI will find them.Try reporting Gala to the BBB and see if they don’t pimp slap them to working conditions.

        • I have made reports to BBB, they have had several reports in the last two years, up from previous years. The identity theft aspect of this story is the main issue- that and the fact that their security does not appear to have been improved suggests that further people are at risk of being victim to this game. The lack of communication, length of time that some people are experiencing- makes me think corruption from within.


  39. I have been playing rappelz for over 4 years and it makes me sick how everything has been handled.

    I have been hacked 4x, because of this i no longer play. No one plays anymore.

    • iv play rappelz for 6 years and found thay will not help you unless there getting something out of it seems this game is run by gangs loan sharks etc. etc. i got hacked 4 times the last time i was hacked i staop playing i did login last week and found theres no longer any new player base and half the players have alrdy left the game so guys if you do want to play rappelz dont play gpots rappelz as you will loosing everything in time an gpots will not help you ever all trhay give is a reason not to help you DONT BE A DIP SICK AN PLAYER GPOTS RAPPELZ CUZ ITS A LOOSING GAME and is on its way out fast thay give ss and buff potions out every 10 lvs what does that tell you there no new player so there having to give ss so if thay do get any new player that player can play catch up this gpots gaming site should be shut down asap …REAL TALK DO YOUR RESEARCH THIS GAME ISNT WORTH A CRAP ASLONG AS GPOTS ARE RUNNING IT..

  40. Very good article and I agree with you just like I did back in Nov. 2011 when I was hacked as well. The trouble is not with the game the trouble lye’s in Gala-Net shit website and gaming portal. Look at all the other company’s that host Rappelz in out country’s they are not having this issue. I even talked to a mod and told them to turn down the forum split the site from gaming server issue out a mass password reset and rethink their website. How can these other country’s host this game without hacking but Gala can not. Only thing different is their website and shit forum that any good hacker can hack in 5 minutes being it is PHPBB.


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