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Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) is a genre of role-playing video games in which a very large number of players interact with one another within a virtual game world.

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Massively multiplayer first person shooter  (MMOFPS) is an online gaming genre which features a persistent world and centers the gameplay around gun and projectile weapon-based combat.


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MMORPG vs. MMOFPS the epic battle between the two popular genres. What is your favorite genre? What genre should win in this arena?

It’s time to take part in this ultimate fight, so choose your side and vote. We are looking for productive and intelligent discussions so please be reasonable, offensive comments will be removed.


  1. Calling a game like Combat Arms or A.V.A. an “MMOFPS” is incorrect. They are not MMO games, as they do not support massive numbers of players together in the same match, nor do they have persistent worlds. They are actually just your run of the mill lobby-based shooters.

    Why do these F2P MMO sites keep perpetuating this ignorance?

  2. I got fast computer but here in the wilderness is a really slow internet and thats why icant down load anything!

  3. Duke nukem,rage,fallout,bioshock combined RPG and fps,now we only need to mix the mmo,like in bioshock,you can choose to to be a big daddy,the girl who collects the adam or the crazy madasres in the game.
    Then make a goal everyone looks forwards too in the game:getting the hell out of rapture!
    It would be awsome, being able to talk to your friend and trade powers with each other then later,
    start killing crazy arseholes with you badass drill………..
    Another good idea is using the minecraft look of tools,weapons and food,combine it with runescape 3d,add guns,quests,volia!done!
    Or you could make rage:online.

  4. MMORPGs add more adventure, attack options and more variety in customization of characters than MMOFPS. Plus, you have more association to players on the battlefield instead of ducking for cover to make sure you dont die while trying to talk.

  5. in an mmorpg i get excited for new quest and skills
    in an mmopfs i get excited for new weapons,game modes and every time i kill someone
    i have jumped back an forth between these 2 types since i started to play mmos hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  6. I agree with Serb Ninja`s first comment! games that combine those two elements:
    the only one I know of is GlobalAgenda

  7. MMOFPS IS 10000x BETTER THAN MMORPGs!! If you guys vote for mmorpgs, you shall die…and feel the rath of my dog’s adorableness!…

      • The only problem with switching betweens views would be that anyone in TPS would have a clear advantage over anyone in FPS. TPS you can see up and around corners. Although, I do suppose if they had a “quick-switch” hotkey for FPS/TPS then it could become pretty tactical, and the line between who has the best headset would matter much less.

  8. How is Borderlands not a RPG and FPS combined? it even says so on the back of the box.
    Only thing missing would be the MMO part 😛

    • “MMORPG vs. MMOFPS the epic battle between the two popular genres. What is your favorite genre? What genre should win in this arena?”

      Yes, this is different genres, but this is a competition of genres…just vote in your favorite!

  9. I don’t see how you can really compare the two. they’re completely different in every way. I like them both and they both have their ups and downs. I choose neither.

  10. “I HAVE A DREAM” that one day you can drive a tank,customize your guns,upgrade your base and conquer other players in a constant,never ending,real-time,persistent world.There will be only 1 server for all and action on it will be for 24 Hours.There will be no player limit,hacks will be blocked,and cash shop wont be a P2W factor.That will be time without game genres,without lag and just pure fun.But that is just a dream 🙁

  11. Mmorpg wins,
    it just has more to do and is always different then a fps game and always change in the way you play.
    Fps is always a same style playing game that sometimes gets boring.

  12. I really think that the future of gaming is combining all genres of games.We all ready have many successful games that are mixing it all.
    And by the way FIRST! 🙂

    • I Don’t really think you can combine MMORPG and MMOFPS and all of the other genres.
      If someone will try, it will come to a bitter end and it will be really unplayable game…
      Recent tries to combine FPS and RPG into one MMO (Huxley and more) didn’t went well…
      So I think we should stick with the seperation. Tho, to my opinion- I don’t think you can actually ask that.. Most people who look at sites like this one probably play both MMO FPS and RPG games, but of course the comunnity in MMORPG games if bigger since there are more MMORPG games out.
      So I liked them both I don’t know if someone else did, but as I said, you shouldn’t try to find out whats better between RPG and FPS because most of the people will go on RPG.

      • Its completely possible dude.Just make an WW2 FPS set in a persistent real-time world,with vehicles and make players choose would be a best game ever.Players would chase each other from Moscow to Berlin to London and Washington.I mean just imagine you are able to simulate WW2 from the beggining.Battle as German in New York,or as Russian in Tokyo.I wouldn’t play anything else! 🙂

      • That’s just because those games were crappy it wasn’t the combination that ruined it. And im thinking the best game would be set in space not a ww2 game. Eve almost had it but it was lacking defined sides (need probably 3-5 of em). And you should actually feel like you’re a part of the side. Building things like shipyards should be a faction effort of miners getting resources and builders making it and soldiers protecting them while they do it. Also when you level you should get research points or something that you can allocate towards faction wide research rather than self research and as time goes by each side will have areas that theyre stronger at because their side has put their points towards that. I think this will create an amazing dynamic never seen before.

        • I’m glad people are agreeing with me. YAY 🙂
          Possibilities are endless,game would have depth to it,and players would feel like their actions actually affect the game world.I was even thinking that a faction can be conquered.Than a new faction would arise or the defeated players could go join other faction,or even form resistance movement.Medieval age,Modern age,Space age it doesn’t matter,just put some sex in it and we would all play it.
          I really think that that type of MMO’s is the future of gaming.

    • I absolutley agree with you, a mix of all genres would be awesome. But I dont know any publishers who would be willing to take the risk.


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