Lindsay Haven and Craigs Zinkievich from Cryptic Studios were nice enough to come on and tell us what makes this new Dungeons & Dragons inspired MMORPG something to watch out for!

Are you fans of the D&D series? Let us know if you think Neverwinter will set a new standard for D&D MMOs.


  1. How a 5 hour gameplay enapxsion can be 1 higher than a game that costs the same and has 100 hours of gameplay in it (Space Rangers 2) I do not know! It is just one more sign of a media out of touch with gamers and yet another sign that PC gaming is on it’s last legs.

  2. did anyone else here her say lunch instead of launch besides that the game looks like it will be a decent free to play mmo cant w8 to test it

  3. what the problem with peaple hahahahah ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.ahhhhh…..ahhhhhh hahahah what the hell is that lol buuut nice game really

    • You dont need oxygen to type on the internet.. i typed that when i was holding my breath 🙂
      Also.. Space trolls dont use oxygen:oooo


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