The Orcs Must Die! series is making its way to the F2P realm, introducing a third installment that takes the concept into a new competitive format that kicks it up a notch. Robot Entertainment is at it again with Orcs Must Die! Unchained, this time combining the aesthetic novelty of a CCG with certain aspects of MOBAs, tower defense, and even action RPG, all within a tide of battle that keeps player offensive and defensive strategy of equal importance.

Focused on the ultimate infiltration of the enemy territory, the main objective has created a buzz genre known as a “Fortress Siege Game”. As opposed to the former games in the saga, Unchained breaks the mold by tasking players with moving armies of minions in the struggle for higher ground, all the while defending their own base. Traps and items now consist of the CCG portion of gameplay, still offering players a vast list of collectible options in building defenses, while also commanding their militia.

A decent sized roster of heroes will also be featured, with two factions that split dozens of unique heroes. Old friends who will be familiar to fans of the series such as the War Mage and the Sorceress will be hanging around, but this time, right alongside villian counterparts like Stinkeye and Bloodspike, marking the first playable monsters. Following in the footsteps of the common MOBA’s, heroes will be role based, keeping the usual theme of tank, DPS and support.

Founder’s packs to get interested Alpha testers for this genre-mashing third installment in the midst of the carnage are available on the official site.

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  1. I’ve actually never heard of this. Going to download when i get home! I like Third Person moba’s there should be more of them!


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