Adventure Quest 3D’s Open Beta is about to kick off. In just 12 short days (October 18) everyone can hop in and begin running the game through its paces.

Those wishing to participate in open beta will need to sign up via the game’s site. Pre-registration is open now so you don’t have to wait.

Artix Entertainment does note that the launch date is a bit iffy due to the nature of launching cross platform games. So, if there is a delay, consider yourself warned.

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  1. Before I begin I do wanna say I did play in the tech demo and alpha and pre beta phases so I do know this isn’t a complete game yet. I was suprised when I heard 500,000 accounts is pre registered so far. But I’m still kinda iffy about this game due to the adam bohan (artix) talking about having weekly releases in the game and pushing for 60+ classes. Don’t get me wrong frequent releases and more then 4 classes is awesome but I think the they release classes 2 frequently and weekly releases are just overpushing it a bit I mean look at their previous games if you never played them and if you played them you would know what I mean. The only thing I hope to see this game get is auction housing or some type of trading system alot of players would like to see one and I personally would love to see this game have one I think it would benefit from it. My only concerns is they are copying alot of items from AQWorlds and AQ classic and their older games and porting it to AQ3D I mean I get how a few items would be ported but it feels like they are reintroducing the majority of the stuff they released in their old games in AQ3D which kinda turns me off from this game. The combat sucks and I hate the UI since it’s just 5 buttons labeled 1,2,3,4,5 to attack monsters. And I hate how they are making us buy inventory spaces and bank spaces and probably house spaces for irl money. Yeah they will give us a set number of spaces for free but I don’t think we should have to pay irl money for inventory spaces and bank spaces and house spaces it feels like a scams in my opinion. I know they are an indie dev company and they need money but that’s just my thoughts on that. And I got a list of other issues but they can’t be fixed due to the way it’s built since AE want’s it to be mobile friendly and mobile first and PC second. I most likely won’t play this horrible game that sucks away your money especially to buy INVENTORY SPACES!?!?!?!?!?!?! but hopefully they won’t flood the game with rare items like AQWorlds the people who played that game knows how bad that turned out. But I probably might check out AQ3D but if I do it probably won’t be till after open beta waiting to see if they launch on windows 10 app store like they were talking about. I doubt they will but I don’t wanna use steam and I’m a PC user and I don’t wanna use the mobile app.

    • I knew Mmobomb’s comment section was bad, but sheesh.
      Let us space out our comments.
      This reply has nothing to do with the above comment.

      • Also the comments seem spaced out in my opinion so I don’t understand what you mean by that and I like MMObomb’s comment system but sometimes when replying to people it is confusing because sometimes I think some guy is replying to me when hes really replying to someone else and so on. But about AQ3D I do like this game especially playing it on a smart phone if I’m in bed or being on the computer since I’m a PC gamer but I just question what they developers are doing with it. Sometimes it feels like they are just porting AQWorlds items mostly to AQ3D but besides the long list of other issues I got with this game like I talked about above which I’m sure the hardcore AE fans will argue with me about over some of the issues all I say is I know this isn’t a complete game and I know this is still a closed beta going into open beta this month.

        • On your end it might be spaced but on all of ours, once published, your spaces mean nothing, you n eed to add physcial barriers. Any ways. This game isbad and for poor people PC that can’t run better games. Every everquest has been a P2W gimmick and free model just a demo before cash walls.

        • Even I agree this game is bad. They are an indie dev company so I can understand the cash walls but if you read my comment I posted above I think it’s going a bit low even for them for charging irl money for inventory spaces and bank spaces and they will probably do the same for house inventory space. Yeah they give you a limited amount of space for free like 30 free spaces for inventory like in AQWorlds and idk how they will do bank system in AQ3D but I think it’s idiotic for charging us to buy inventory and bank and housing spaces for our inventories. Which is one of the reasons I refuse to play their games anymore and if you read the emails I sent them when I used to play their games trying to request an account disable for my upgraded account for AQWorlds since the help pages say they do offer that service it’s laughable how they were going out of their way to talk me out of doing that and saying it’s a waste of my money if I did it and they were saying they don’t do that and making me look like a fool. I still got my account disable but by means I didn’t wanna do but yeah I agree it’s just pay 2 win gimmicks and free models just to demo it. If you spoke to their support team then you would know they make it pretty obvious and they got a game called dungeon punks. It’s kinda cool in my opinion they aren’t the developers for it they are just the publishers but they somehow got the ok to make a free model p2w gimmick demo for the browser and its just bad and it only lets you play like one level. The full game is great but the browser version of dungeon punks is just terrible in my opinion.


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