Aeria Games and ESL Announce 2 New A.V.A. Tournaments



Aeria Games and the eSports League have released details for two new upcoming tournaments for their free to play, first person shooter Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A.). The A.V.A. World Championship (AWC) kicks off on April 25 and will run throughout the rest of the year, ending in December. The A.V.A International Championship (AIC) won’t start until next month on May 16th.

The AWC already has a prize pool of $100,000 and even the airfare and accommodations for the winning team will be paid for as part of the spoils for winning. Zowie will also be on hand to pass out some free gear along the way. Updates for the AWC can be followed here, but at the moment, no new information has been posted.

One way to qualify for the AWC is to win the AIC next month. Winners of the standalone rounds will meet in Taiwan in July to battle it out for the title and an automatic bid in the AWC. ESL’s site already has the full breakdown of schedules and rules for these qualifying matches so scope it out if you have what it takes.


  1. AVA was a good FPS when ijji were in charge, now its not worth playing, Aeria made weapons 30 day and you have to rebuy them, which is the second most horrible thing besides adding colorful idiotic weapons that noobs buy thinking they will be better at this dying game


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