Landmark‘s latest patch initiates the first of many phases of implementing water into the realm, as well as some other crafting and GUI changes. All islands are now officially surrounded with water, but put away those trunks, as all that can be done with it now is walked upon.

Those who decided to live off of the grid and put their claims close to the edges of the island could potentially have made their standing castle more of an aquarium at the depths of the great below. Getting to said claim is possible, however, using a Portal Shard to sneak your way down. Since the H2O does not act as if it is a volume, those teleporting down will just be walking along the bottom of the sea.

The patch also reduced recipe costs for axes and pickaxes in the lower tier tools, making an effort to eliminate the drudgery of upgrading the them. Also, other good news from the resource department says sifters can now sift through stone and dirt, creating a great opportunity for those who have been neglecting to relieve themselves of the burden in exchange for the good stuff.

More is certainly to be expected for this sandbox from SOE, as the patches seem to be rolling in daily for the giant realm.

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  1. ppl are going to be signing up in droves after that screenshot alone… really… i know pr… WHERE’S MY PASS??!! nyuck

  2. Not really a fan of this game.
    If it was single player or allowed you to play multiplayer with a few selected friends that would be pretty fun. But having to play in a world where you might find death stars, medieval castles and sci fi laboratories littered about the continent doesn’t really appeal to me. :C


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