It seems like only yesterday Age of Wushu released their first expansion Legends of Mount Hua, and now only three months later the MMO is poised to go live with yet another expansion. Why it just seemed like yesterday the MMO had graduated from release, they grow up so fast!

Yes Age of Wushu’s second expansion, titled “Ultimate Scrolls” is already well along its way towards release. Set to go live on November 13th, the update/expansion will feature eight new instances which are specific to each school and pit players against foes in a gauntlet style run. Those that complete these test of sorts have a chance to earn Ultimate Scrolls which unlock a new set of abilities for each school. I tend to favor the new Silenced by the Sword skill, which prevents the enemy from eating food and thus replenish nutrition. Everyone knows you need nutritional balance to fight!

Age of Wushu is also tying the knot, or at least letting their players. The new Marriage system in Age of Wushu has only the male players proposing to “female” players, with the males paying all the registration fees and the woman unable to do anything other than choose her final suitor. Keep in mind Age of Wushu is set during a dynasty period, gender equality was not a high priority back then.

Depending on how rich the groom is, he may select from one of four wedding plans which range in size and accommodations. For comparison, the level one weeding plan features a carriage ride by ox for both the groom and bride to the ceremony. On the other hand, the level four plan parades the couple around on a White horse and 28-men Palanquin.

Marriage, with all its benefits comes at a price though. Shaolin Disciples are part of a male-only order. Those who marry while in the school can no longer participate in the school tournaments and those wanting to join the Shaolin while married cannot. If a player wishes to break his marriage off, both parties will need to sign off on a divorce. If both do, the male will again be required to pay the associated divorce fee.

Additional features, such as single-player challenges, new tier 5 equipment, morality-based PvP and more are set to be included in Ultimate Scrolls. Players interested in reading the full rundown on what’s coming November 15th can read the official preview here.

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  1. pretty fun game. the only flaw I come across was tab targeting type of combat, which seem like the worst mechanics for martial arts game.


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