European Aion players now have someplace new to explore, thanks to update 7.5. Titled “Wake of the Storm,” the update introduces a new zone with completely new — as well as some reworked — dungeons, new gear, and more.

The new Zone, Silentera Canyon, is an underground area inhabited by two new world bosses. It also offers plenty of content in the way of new quests and challenges and offers players the opportunity to get their hands on some new high-end gear. Speaking of gear, new Vision Weapons are now dropping from bosses in Lakrum and Dumaha. These new items include traits like Paralysis, Silence, and Divinity and can be enchanted for three additional levels of upgrades.

As for the new dungeons, there’s a new one each for PvP and PvE players. The PvP dungeon, Raging Valley, is a battlefield where teams consisting of up to six players can test their strength. The PvE dugneon, Ara Infernalia, is instanced and boasts two difficulty levels. It’s open to up to six level-80 players who will fight the teleporting dragon Mortasha — who will, of course, drop high level loot.

The reworked dungeons have something to offer level-80 players as well. Both Esoterrace and Lower Udas Temple have been redesigned with these players in mind.

If you’re not level-80 yet and want to take part in all the new content, don’t worry. That’s been taken care of, too. As you adventure in Inggison and Gelmaros, you can earn Titan Coins that will allow you to catch up with other players. Not only that, but while in Heiron and Bluslan, players will receive items every 10 levels that assist in the leveling process.

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