Since the release of the Queen update last month, Albion Online‘s developers have been dealing with a variety of issues. One of these involves Alliances. Last week, the dev team announced plans to test limiting Alliance size to 300 in order to combat the potential of larger guilds zerging in open-world PvP. The test was slated to be on February 26th.

Since the announcement, the developers have decided to adjust the test due to concerns that implementing such a cap would purge players from their guilds and alliances. The purge wouldn’t just impact PvPers but more casual players, gatherers, and traders as well. To account for this, a new plan has been announced that rather than just purging players from their existing groups, will make joining larger alliances less beneficial and attractive to those looking to join.

The new system will require upkeep on territories taken from alliances that hold 10 or more territories. It will be paid using siphoned energy and if it can’t be paid on a territory when necessary, the owning guild will be forced to drop it.

Another change includes the introduction of an income penalty applied to players based on the number of territories held by their alliance that results in a decrease of silver and fame income for those with more than 10.

The changes are still set to take place on the 26th, and those interested in finding out more about what’s planned can find all the details and voice their opinions on them on the game’s forums.

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