In July, PlayStation 4 players in North America will be able to join over 2 million Japanese players in exploring the world of Caravan Stories. The disgustingly cute, free-to-play, anime-inspired MMO is headed west.

Caravan Stories features six races for players to choose from when creating a character. It also allows them to tame monsters and make friends with NPCs. As an added bonus, players recruit up to 300 allies for both PvE and PvP.

Based on what we’re seeing on the game’s official site, this game would be good for fans of JRPGs — or just the insanely cute. While the game’s site is still mostly in Japanese, there are plenty of trailers and other things anyone interested can check out on it.

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      • It’s a bit annoying to play on PC. The game itself is fine (ping is pretty high, though), but its behind the scenes systems are kind of terrible. Two biggest issues are that 1) you can only run it from the web page; 2) main body of the game is stored separately from the launcher somewhere in system files (you can’t move it, can’t select where to store it, and for me it got automatically deleted and redownloaded several time, the whole 5-6Gb).


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