Publisher Ubisoft and Developer Blue Byte have announced that their city building game Anno Online is now in Open Beta. Fear not, for those of you worried about the browser game inevitably being Pay to Win, the self described “strategy” game will have none of that, mostly due to its lack of combat which is usually a key part of a strategy game

The beta launch comes with a new update, adding new clan and multiplayer features, and promises of no wipes for those who participated in the closed beta. In addition to the lack of wipes, closed beta players will receive a decorative statue as a thank you gift, with players that continue through the open beta receiving a premium ship with upgraded specs.

If creating a booming economic powerhouse appeals to you, go ahead and sign up for the open beta here.

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  1. I really love playing anno 2170, it was one of those games I played with a ridiculous amount of thinking “whats good for my economy” that type of thing. This thing really requires a lot of patience, to advance humanity in the right direction or down to the dumps you go. I think the word “anno” sounds like a play word on “unknown”. Exploration,Management and Advancing 😀

    • Oh, i meant to bring up the meaning in the last post, according to our friends at wikipedia, its a dutch adverb meaning “in the year”. so while it might not make much sense in Anno onlines case, the others do. Anno 1404, for example would mean “in the year 1404”.

  2. Actually Anno is a series, and has been around for quite some time, it is a well respected series in many circles…I was, and indeed still am terrified of this breaking that trend, but from what i’ve played thus far (which admittedly isn’t too much) I’ve not seen anything that really kills it, it still feels very much like an Anno game.

    My only two real gripes are the inability to rotate your view, and the fact that most assets were copied directly from Anno 1404. Oh, and 1404 was known as “dawn of discovery” in some places, so if you tried that and enjoyed it, you might want to look into this or other games in the Anno series. All the same, with regards to this particular iteration, I think the best way to describe my feelings would be “cautiously optimistic”.

  3. Did they grab a random name generator off the web or something? (insert word here) online. Anno? What in the nine hells does anno have to do with making cities? Allow me to roll my face across the keyboard and rename this game.

    fv5g6hjm online. There you go. It’s as relevant.

    • Do a research before you speak moron.

      Anno is a city building and economic simulation game series, along with real-time strategy elements. The very first one, Anno 1404 was released in June 2009.

      Anno is an abbreviation of the latin word for ‘year’. So basically:

      Anno 1404 -> Year of 1404. In America it is known as ‘Dawn of Discovery’.

  4. let me guess, energy bases system, all your actions require energy. Long build time, with cash it takes seconds, without lifetime. Where did I see that before?

    • I don’t see any of that in the game. Building time isn’t all that long at least from what I’ve experienced but I haven’t really built all that much. Most of the stuff I have built have been pretty much near instantly done. I’m sure that change as I build bigger things.. but that’s kind of to be expected.

    • Longest thing I’ve had to do so far is explore the next sector of the map… and its gonna take an hour. lol.


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