In today’s news of things we were suspicious about — but didn’t really expect to be true, it seems Trion Worlds didn’t keep XLGAMES in the loop on their sale to Gamigo after all.

Following the news of the deal between Gamigo and Trion, XLGAMES announced they would be delaying the upcoming ArcheAge update and told players they were working things out in an effort to make sure there was “no harm done.” This caused some pause on the part of MMOBomb staff as we questioned whether or not ArcheAge was part of the deal and if so why it hadn’t been worked out in the sale.

Based on a post on the ArcheAge forums penned by XLGAMES CEO Jake Song, XLGAMES was as surprised by the move as everyone else. So, as a result, the company is currently in talks with Gamigo and once the paperwork is complete the ArcheAge team will announce a new release date for 5.0.

The note goes on to discuss some of the general issues the developers are trying to address in the game itself as well, with Song stating that he’s doing his best to “revitalize ArcheAge“.

At the moment, we still don’t know where the rest of the games in Trion’s library stand. We are keeping an eye out and as soon as we know, you’ll know.

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  1. splink on November 1, 2018

    hope game will be truly free to play ?

    • Richard on November 2, 2018

      ikr? lol

    • Weilan on November 2, 2018

      The game is boring, already outdated in terms of visuals and mechanics, the world is poorly buit and it already has negative reputation … AAAND people have already played it.

      So even if it goes truly F2P, who will play it or care about it?

      • Void on November 4, 2018

        who cares about that? the game itself is fun , i would still play lineage 2 if it wouldn’t have been so pay2win

  2. Deathloche on November 1, 2018

    TrionWorlds has the opposite of the Midas touch, because everything they touch turns to sh@@

  3. Squeeezy on November 1, 2018

    6 months later …
    XLGames: And that is why My.Com will be publishing ArcheAge from now on. Have fun until they kill the game!

    • Richard on November 2, 2018

      if it become real f2p. i see no harm tbh lol.

      • justanotherdude on November 4, 2018

        Game is literally designed around aggressively pushing P2W elements so I doubt it ever will unless they revert the game to the state it was in OBT

        • Richard on January 2, 2019

          i don’t see that at all and you never know lol.