It’s understandable if fans of (the former) Trion Worlds’ games are feeling a little anxious regarding their transfer to gamigo. That goes doubly for ArcheAge players, which is actually developed by XLGames and not Trion — especially after the latest update was delayed and creator Jake Song said he was “shocked” by the sale last week.

A new message arrived late last week from the XLGames team, giving players a little more information about what’s going on behind the scenes. It took a while to come out because the team wanted to make sure it had sufficient details to pass along and “resist the temptation of posting half-formed information.”

The 5.0 update, Relics of Hiram, is already on the test servers and will go live on Tuesday, Nov. 13, sans Halloween event. A new variant of the Homecoming Warrior Package will be delivered to all accounts when 5.0 launches, along with the other three compensation packages stemming from Legacy Server Evolutions.

Additionally, customer service tickets are being transferred to the new staff, which will provide support as soon as it can, with new English, French, and German-speaking moderators. You can read the entire statement from the XLGames team on the ArcheAge site.

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