Nexon America’s strategic turn-based MMO game, Atlantica Online, is introducing a tower-based battle zone in its upcoming content expansion, “Spelltower Siege,” that will pit populations of game servers against each other. Players will be able to access this content starting September 7.

The new Spelltower Control battles allow for all-out-war between armies of 100 in turn-based strategy style combat. Up to 50 players on each side will compete, with each player armed with one mercenary. In this battle, a controlling team will fend off an attacking army, whose goal is to destroy and take over the tower while obliterating the defending army.

The attacking army is a combination of players from the remaining five servers. The server members who contribute to the battle the most will be declared the winning server and possess control of the towers for that week. The winning server will also receive loot, buffs and other rewards that will be shared through the entire server.

The towers, located on the Africa continent, are accessible to players level 100 and above on all servers through the Titan server. Each Spelltower Control conflict will last up to 50 minutes and players with high “Might” will have a higher chance to reserve a spot in the battle.

Participating players will be allowed to take their main character and one mercenary of their own choosing into the battle.

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