Today, Black Eye Games released the latest update for its free-to-play game Gloria Victis. The update introduces the Azebian Empire, a new playable faction with its own city and quest lines. In addition, there are new zones, a redesigned tournament map — to accommodate the third faction, and an expansion of the tournament mechanics.

Crafters also get some love this update, with players being given the ability to disassemble items and recover materials. This will allow players to re-use lower quality items. New crafting items and features have been added including 70 new lootable items.

A full rundown of the update is available in the v.0.7.3 changelog on the Gloria Victis site.

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  1. I hate this fake free to play game. First they tell us it will be free to play to get as much as possible attention and then they start a paid early access for years. FOR YEARS! Then they can’t even finish this game which they have been working on since 2012? Now they even chanegd the free to play to a buy to play? Oh my god what a crippled game dev! After 5 years of missmanagement and early access scam they realize they want more money?

    What do we get at the end? An outdated game of 2012? A bad team who needs more than 5 years to release a game? Missmanagement and now asking for more money? Constant development with the speed of a snail?

    If they continue this way the game will close as son as they run out of money which is going to happen really fast with their missmanagement. I hope this will happen soon because im sick of news about their fake free to play game.


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