We sat down with the developers from Pearl Abyss yesterday to find out what they had in store for their upcoming next-gen MMORPG Black Desert. It’s already well known how gorgeous the game looks, but we’ve gotten some new information regarding player housing, classes, customization and of course the release timing.

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Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Korea pops out MMO’s like crazy and yeah some of them fail and some don’t. America pops out like 1 AAA MMO and it dies in 3 months. Pathetic. So sad.

  2. 2015? Is it going to take that long to translate it? Come on, get some interns to do it in a week and bring it out in early 2014. 😛

  3. Looks like Two Worlds II, I loved that game, hope it has something as innovative as the magic cards system two worlds had.

  4. i have Korean server account for hardcore fps gamers who play games with me because i am so bored alone in there.
    FPS – hounds online netmarble, AVA, petacity, SF2, metro conflict, BN1944 / also some mmos Mystic Fighter, HerowarZ, etc…
    Skype – couponbook (id = kforice). (i translate korean to english. i play any new game but dont ask me about bns or archeage).

  5. So we’re just gonna talk about any game now regardless of payment model? It hasn’t been announced yet…and if you think “free” players are the demographic for this title you’re way off. I don’t see you doing the same for other games that unannounced like Elder Scrolls or WildStar.
    Please take the garbage out of your mouth when you speak too, sounds like mush. “In the MEAR future”? wth does that mean..

    • Dude your keyboard is not a toilet, shit doesn’t go there, unless you’re in there already. So if you have any other shit opinions just flush it down the toilet, guarantee nobody wants to read it.

      • Really Mush? Cite your source please since the most recent update from Black Pearl’s Q&A with the devs in March still says “Thank you for your comment. As you know, we are not sure about business model at this time. We know many game players are focused on business model between P2P and F2P. We respect what publisher’s decisions.”

        • The source is the COO (Chief Operating Officer) and Producer from Pearl Abyss. You know, the people I interviewed face to face at E3 with. My info is a little newer than March.


          • Hmm. Interesting that if that breaking news is the case that is isn’t printed anywhere and didn’t even make it to your “interview” (or more like recap) video here. Strange that you wouldn’t lead with information that every other site is listing as “unconfirmed” still and something gamers really want to know right now…… Also interesting that you “got” the info from the devs and not the company actually publishing the title. I’ll move on to a real game news site now, sorry to bother ya Mush.

  6. OMG im impressed with the engine faces look wicked real 2015 xD im so glad i was born in this ERA!
    PS: Spunkfy great job ^^


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