Blacklight Retribution Dev Diary 4: Bred for Battle is all about customization. Check out the video to see the guys from Zombie Studios talk about the in-depth customization tools for not only your character, but your weapons as well.


  1. Also the matches aren’t balanced, not by numbers but by skill. I’ve seen a match where I’ve been in a team and everyone is level >10. The other team had people below level 8. So we had a level 18 as well and we pwned them about 30matches straight. It might seem fun for us but I think it get’s frustrating for them. They need to work on somehow balancing the level on teams. Maybe an average level ? Add all the levels up on 1 team, divide it by players, do the same for the other team. If one team has a higher average, exchange some players until it is about the same. Then it might be a slightly better game. I think that they should make guns permanent but with a higher price or at least make credits easier to get. Eg. Assault rife : 1 day 100 creds 3 day 250creds
    Permanent : 1k creds or like 1k< creds.
    Instead of getting 50points per kill maybe 100, 150 points you know? So Yeah if they take in all this advice and change it, it will definitely be the best game on the net, but as of this moment it just plainly sucks.

    • Lol?

      Or if you weren’t so much of a tool and actually kept up with the game and read all the DEV answers on forums….
      You would know that there will be GP and ZEN for all weapons, etc.
      There will be 1 ,3 etc.,30 , perm rental periods.

      They will obviously balance teams, do you need to be reminded this is a closed beta?
      A lot of what you are complaining about WILL be changed, theyre just stress testing their game and finding bugs.
      It’d be better if you helped and did what you were supposed to do instead of whining about an unfinished game in CB status.

      I can play on all default Gear and still place first or top 3. Gun mods give a slight advantage, but if you’re not so good they help a lot.

  2. The only thing good about this game is the gameplay and graphics, the rest suck. High level players are OP since they get all the good weapons and the customization is too expensive. I mean I spend 5hours to buy stuff and then you know it the next day it’s gone. Then I start again and make no progress. I just keep getting the same items over and over and over again like this ;
    Start playing
    Buy new gun
    Buy new mod

    Start playing
    Buy same gun
    Buy same mod
    End of day

    The next day :
    Start playing
    Same gun again
    Same mod again
    End of day

    Then I don’t get any place to buy new items. The leveling system is okay though and it isn’t too slow but that’s just my complaint. You’re going to get no where .

  3. Edmond you’re wrong, you can look awesome and it wont cost much, only thing that costs a bit too much is the color of your armor, but you get money easily after you learn the game and start getting kills and objectives for mucho mucho score : )


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