Blade & Soul is raising its level cap in December, from 50 to 55, when the Dawn of the Lost Continent update goes live. “But what if I don’t have a level 50 character?” you might ask. Don’t worry, NCSoft’s got you covered — but you’ll need to ask nicely, and quickly.

Anyone with a B&S character level 10 and up can register on the website for the upcoming update. That will get you a free bundle that includes a voucher to raise a character up to level 50, so you can jump right into the action when Lost Continent goes live on Dec. 6.

If you want the level 50 boost, you’ll need to act fast, though; this offer will only be around until Dec. 1. After that, you’ll have to — gasp! — actually play the game to level up. Who wants to do that?

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  1. mmo = lv if u take the “LV” out……… whats this game ….. an arena fighter whit some dungeons? its like Starcraft hey u can boost evrything u just have to atack……. bosters ruin games and u get idiots in the end game who dont know how to play the game….

    • The majority of the game starts after reaching max level. It’s a lot like WoW in that sense. You can boost to level 100 (50 in this case) and experience the new story, raids, item changes, ultimate abilities, PvP etc, and still have some levelling to do, while skipping the bullshit that takes too long to have fun doing. B&S is awesome in that it’s all fun to do, you can level to max just in the main story, which is actually really good, and then you’ve got raid bosses and PvP which are the purpose of the game to keep you coming back forever.


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