NCSoft’s long awaited Blade & Soul finally launched yesterday in North America and Europe.

The Asian-themed free-to-play MMO is fully localized in English, German and French. It’s launching with a level cap of 45, 30 dungeons and 3 acts of story as well as a PvP arena — content comparable to the Korean version of the game. Two additional dungeons — Blackram Supply Chain and E. Fleet Supply Chain — were also added at launch.

To download Blade & Soul and get in on the action, head over and sign up for an NCsoft account.

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  1. Even though its late, this is better than a lot of “dated” mmo’s that still look like crap. The ones that are actually bad people tend to support LOL this one finally comes and the hate is real. God, how do they even socialize with other people outside their basements? LOL

  2. PVP end game <-DOWNER! "Combat is nice" Generic Karate Movie Lore…. but good told…. graphics? nothing special except some female caracters Boobs Eye Candy…. mehhh 5/10 WoW will not be killed by this one…. and is gona be in top 10 s for the next 3/4 years… ahhh MMOS are so dead… this crap should have benn old news not new! SAD!


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