Bless Unleashed Outlines Changes Coming To PC In Closed Beta 2


Bless Unleashed is preparing for the second round of Closed Beta testing on PC and several control-specific changes are planned. In a post published today on the game’s Steam page, the devs outlined the seven key changes being implemented as well as their intended benefits.

When CBT2 kicks off players will have access to a new toggle key for skill use. Rather than having a “Hold” key, players can now press the toggle key once and have the same effect as if they were holding down the hold key continuously only without the finger strain. Speaking of input, players can now customize their mouse control to make things easier for themselves.

Another improvement players should enjoy is an increased sprint time, which has been associated with Hold to give players more control over sprint duration. However, for those who would rather not use the “Hold” key to keep running, an Auto-Run toggle key is being added as well.

The update also changes how item usage works with the addition of slots, introduces a path-guiding function to help players find their way, and updates the Skill UI layout.


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