Neowiz and Round 8 Studio continue to tinker with the combat in Bless Unleashed. The last producer’s letter in August addressed players’ concerns that combat was too slow-paced, and today we’ve got another letter that explains some of the changes being implemented that should make things feel a bit more action-y.

The three points of emphasis are the “sluggish” combat and movement speed, resources for abilities, and the controls/lock-on function. To address the first point, overall combat speed and dodge range have been increased, including faster combo attacks, which are harder for lower-tier monsters to disrupt. Additional tutorials for resources have been implemented and it’s easier to tell when combos that use those resources are ready. Finally, the lock-on feature will automatically select the closest target, with aiming being different for melee and ranged attacks; the R-stick, initially used to lock on, will only be used now to switch your target.

In addition to these three focal points, overall game balance, for “Everything from Blessings to monster abilities,” is also getting an extensive once-over.

One final, strange, note: This developer update was penned by Jeomsul Park, described as the game’s Lead Designer. The last one came from Head of Development Jason Park. Same person, with one name Anglicized so as to sound more palatable to Westerners? Regardless of who’s in charge, the team is working hard in anticipation of the open beta launch on Nov. 7 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific.


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