Legends of Aria players taking part in the Experimental server have some new content to test out. Recently, Citadel Studios dropped a new patch that introduced The Monolith Dungeon and some new skills to the server. The dungeon is a 3-level affair that features five mini-bosses and one big boss. While all of the bosses do share a loot table, each boss also has the change of dropping items unique to them. You get where this is going. Since there’s a “chance” they’ll drop that unique item, players will need to come back until they get everything. And, apparently, players will want to, as drops also include Echo Schematics that will allow crafters to create artifact Echo Armor.

As noted, the update also included some new skills — particularly summoning. Players can now use the Echo Shard to summon wisps that are used to cast Sorcerer spells. There are a wide variety of spells that are cast using the wisps, and it’s worth noting that wisps are consumed every time a spell is cast. The amount of wisps consumed varies from spell to spell. A list of all the currently available spells is available in the update’s patch notes.

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