Developers don’t admit their mistakes often. But sometimes community pressure is so great that it can’t be ignored.

That would appear to be the case with Hearthstone and Purify, the Priest card coming in the One Night in Karazhan adventure, the first part of which launches on the 11th. The card itself is quite weak, but it comes at a time when Priest is one of the weakest classes overall, especially after losing so many good cards in the recent set rotation.

Fan outrage at the sorry state of Priest prompted Lead Designer Ben Brode to produce a Developer Insights video, where he explains that while Purify was never meant to be powerful, it did have its “fun” uses. As for why Priest gets such a weak card at a time when the class is struggling to remain relevant, Brode says:

“I think we really misread the community sentiment going into the reveal. So there was kind of a spotlight on the Priest cards as we were revealing them, and Purify’s absolutely the wrong card for that environment.”

Brode insists he still has “hopes” for Priest, and that he thinks there are cards in the adventure that can help, but it probably won’t be until the next expansion that Priest can really return to being a top-tier pick in Constructed or Arena play.

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  1. It is incredible and sad that that fat thing is still not fired.

    this game is an abomination, how can some people still play that garbage is beyond me.

  2. If silence was 2 mana, it would be better, miles better. If purify was 0 mana, silence would be better. IF PURIFY WAS 0 MANA AND SILENCE WAS 2 MANA THEY WOULD BE PLAYED EQUAL AMMOUNTS OF TIMES. (p.s. neither of them would ever be played)

  3. I will come back to game when you reach 50% win rate for all class. I think however the best place to work on balancing the game is to look at the cards in standard deck and start rebalancing there.

  4. They keep saying “top-tier”,that they will make priest get there.He doesn’t need to get top-tier,he just needs to be not bad.
    And a card like this is in no way fun or amusing for anybody except for the opponent knowing that you actually have that in your deck.


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