C9’s fantasy world of Glenheim just got a bit more “bang for its buck” as the new Mystic advanced class, the Valkyrie, becomes available today. This ranged and melee combat specialist uses a Gunlance (think more of a cannon blade than a gunblade and you have the right idea) to blast foes from a distance using guided missiles and blade attacks from any stance.

Valkyries can also summon a device that provides support by covering the Valkyrie’s back while you jump forward into the fray. The Gunlance itself can be used for basic melee attacks with a lance as a Spear Technician, as well as basic ranged attacks with a cannon as a Shell Technician.

The Valkyrie is available starting today and numerous in game events are planned to celebrate the class’s launch. Until December 16th, players can obtain tickets to enter some newly updated event dungeons and take on different missions for a chance to earn unique items, Event Auspice, and even some cash shop items.

Webzen will also run the “Level Up Event” common to other class launches. Create a Mystic and level it up to at least level 65 as a Valkyrie by January 6th and you’ll net yourself 5 Mystic Diamond Chests as a reward. (Reward given on January 13th.)

Check out Webzen’s official C9 site for the full class breakdown.

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  1. The video needs more engrish and especially more camera spinning. Camera spinning is so epic cool and totally isn’t there to distract from the game’s terrible visuals.


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