For those that have waited a long time, the wait is finally over in the west. CABAL 2 opens its door to open beta players today, July 2nd. ESTSoft is excited to allow players access to all the free to play game has to offer including questing, dungeons, PvP, and more.

“The CABAL franchise has always emphasized the thrill of combat in an MMO world, and with CABAL 2 we created a new combo system that will not only appeal to our huge base of dedicated fans, but to all MMO players in general by proving that battling doesn’t have to be a grind” said Steve J. Pae, COO at ESTSoft. “CABAL 2 features gorgeous graphics and an awesome skill-based combat system, which is easy to learn but a challenge to master, and it will make MMO gamers remember why they fell in love with the genre in the first place.”

To get started, head on over to the CABAL 2 website, sign up, and get downloading. While you wait, check out our First Look video to get a feel for what you can expect out of the first few levels of the MMORPG.

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  1. Thsi game doesnt work if you are from EU. S o when is the EU realease scheduled? PS I’ve tried a VPN as well.

  2. This game is CRAP. It’s buggy and the graphics are worse then in the original. I do realize it’s open beta which is technically still beta but it shouldn’t have as many bugs as it currently as, considering that in open beta the game is supposed to be VERY close to release. And aren’t the graphics of a sequel supposed to be better then the original? The developers have clearly rushed in getting this game out to the general public instead of taking their time to make sure they did it right. Just do us all a favor and shut this game down. It ain’t worth it.

  3. Horrible game! The first one was inventive and had some original concepts. They took almost nothing from that game and created a game that is generic and boring. Don’t waste your time with this one!

  4. Having spend a couple hours playing around with the open beta I can say these things about Cabal 2 :

    It’s generic, to be sure.
    Combat is highly similar to the previous game with some minor tweaks like trigger skills.
    There is a lack of Blader class..but a new Priest class.
    In general it’s very typical and aside from aesthetics doesn’t feel too much like Cabal.

    But I could get past all that if it only RAN well.

    To wit, it is poorly optimized even for an open beta.

    My rig consists of 16gb of Corsair Vengeance Blue DDR3 ram, an I7-4790k processor, an Nvidia GTX970 and two Intel 320 series 80gb SSDs. I was getting on average 35-40FPS on its highest settings in crowded areas and was hitching relatively frequently. My computer is in excellent shape as I clean it and keep it free of viruses, malware and nasty critters of the like on a regular basis with dust cleanouts every 2 months at the latest.

    Frankly, they need to do some serious work as performance like that is unacceptable for machines that run the latest of games at far higher FPS, MMO or not. If it ran well I would consider playing on a more permanent basis but shoddy performance ruins any potential fun. If you intend to play, beware of bad performance. The developers seem not to have done much in the way of such.

  5. This game feels so old and clunky. Can’t stand these type of games anymore. Nothing wrong but tabtargeting but the must be smooth…

  6. Its okay but its not the best you can tell its been in developement for too long the graphic detail feels and looks reallly dated.


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