Arbor Day is just around the corner and it’s weirdly appropriate that a game with “tree” in its name would be celebrating it. In this case, Tree of Savior is celebrating with Medeina’s Arbor Day event. It’s a pretty simple event in which players will be rewarded with the event currency “Arbor Day Sprout”, and the “Leaf” and “Twig” essences for doing what they’d normally do anyway — playing the game.

The event is open to all players, no level or other requirements need to be met. Each day, players can earn up to 1000 of the Arbor Day sprouts, which can then be exchanged for other items. Item costs range anywhere from around 50 sprouts to 5000, so you’ll definitely want to obtain all the sprouts you can. Luckily, each activity offers a significant amount of sprouts as well as the leaves and twigs that can be exchanged for more sprouts.

Of course, there are far more rewards than we could ever list here. So, if you want to see everything that’s available, hit up the Tree of Savior site.

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