Rift Lovebuggy

Love is in the air … along with artillery shells, bomb fragments, and perhaps a few orc corpses smooshed onto the ceiling. Do those count?

Free-to-play games are always looking for a reason to celebrate, and Valentine’s Day is as good as any. Here are a few promotions, special events, and other miscellany going on today to celebrate a man who might not have existed:


Log in today to get free Valentine’s Day avatars!

Battlerite avatars


In Crossout, you can build the ultimate death machine, or the ultimate love machine (or two).

Orcs Must Die Unchained

If you’re just looking for some clever game-themed postcards to share with your queue partner, check out this selection from League of Legends!


… or Paladins (set one and set two)!

Orcs Must Die! Unchained

Or Orcs Must Die! Unchained!

Orcs Must Die Valentines gabriella


or even Dofus, which is also running its “Saint Ballotwine’s Day” festivities in game until the 21st.

War Thunder

If you’d rather make war, not love, War Thunder’s got you covered. You can earn an achievement, decal, and booster for winning battles until 7:00 GMT tomorrow.

World of Warships

Or, if nautical nonsense be something you wish, set the world alight and earn some signal flags in World of Warships until the 17th. You can also earn a Valentine’s Day Commemorative flag by winning five battles today with a friend.

DC Universe Online
Mr. Freeze is trying to bring his wife out of cryostasis, but his misuse of Zamaron crystals endanger all of Gotham! Take him down with daily events to win seasonal rewards.

Defiance ColonyCourtship

Trion Worlds

Naturally, Trion Worlds has all sorts of events going on in its games, as well as plenty of love-themed items for purchase in their various cash shops. Events run until late February; refer to individual pages for more details.

  • Rift. Travel through Telara in style in the Golden Love Buggy, celebrate your loneliness with the Self Love Bug, and enjoy 50% off a bundle of 74 dyes.
  • Atlas Reactor. Chapter 2 of Season 2 offers plenty of romantic skins and a free Heartbreak overcon just for logging in.
  • ArcheAge. Experience the story of star-crossed lovers Princess Greeniette and Prince Yateo via rift events! Oh, and there are a lot of themed items in the cash shop, unsurprisingly.
  • Defiance. “Hellbug love is in the air.” Do we really need to say any more? The big bugs are gettin’ busy, and it’s up to you to stop their breeding.
  • Trove. Not content to be contained in just one game, the mating hellbugs have invaded Trove as well, along with a new quest line and daily login rewards.
  • Devilian. Finally, slay monsters in Devilian to earn chocolate that you can redeem for a variety of festive rewards!
  • Are there any other Valentine’s Day festivities out there that we missed?


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