Mechanist Games, developers of the upcoming browser based City of Steam, has found a publisher for the English version of the Steampunk MMO. R2Games (Reality Squared Games) has agreed to add City of Steam to their portfolio. If you think R2 sounds a bit familiar, you’re probably right. They have been behind a number of 2.5D titles such as Crystal Saga, but City of Steam represents their first step into Unity territory.

I hear you though. You’re saying “OH NO! This means that a mean, nasty publisher is going to impose their cash shop will on a game I was really looking forward to!”

Rest assured my internet friends. All still seems to be on the same path as Gab LaForge profiled on our game play interview a little while back (Check the video above). In fact, Mechanist had this to say on that very topic:

“The game isn’t going to magically change into some Pay2Win hell-hole where we’re rolling around in millions of dollars while cackling to each other in druidic tongue. Although we do hope to be rolling around in millions of dollars at some point, if we do it’s going to be in a way that doesn’t involve drinking ourselves to sleep every day because we hate ourselves so much. So eh, let’s not do that.”

Still seems to be good news coming out of a camp many of us have been keeping a close eye on lately!


  1. nice never liked this game from the looks of it probably i will not play it soon(got too many games in my hands)but good to know this game won’t be pay to win

  2. The CoS forum for the first 12 hours after this announcement were bombarded with negative reaction from veteran members. So much so, that both the developers of CoS & Jared R2Games CEO, created threads to explain the decision & answer questions from players. This has some what calmed down the community.

    There is a live IRC chat with the CEO of R2Games & CoS Devs is schedule for 5pm PST.


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