We got some hands on time with EA’s upcoming F2P Command and Conquer title: Generals. Not too much has changed since the last time we wrote about the game back in January, but the RTS has been steadily adding more generals,gameplay modes, and tweaks all in preparation for its official release later this year.

You can keep track of more E3 Free-to-Play news and videos as it comes in by clicking here.


    • Better how? It’s almost like saying “CoD is better than Battlefield” (or vice versa). Some people may prefer one over another but it doesn’t mean that it’s “better”. Besides, no one knows what C&C will be like when it will be released. On the other hand CoH 2 is already available.

      • Games CAN be better from an analytical standpoint; games can be judged on their gameplay, visuals, stability, responsiveness, control schemes and fun factor. So yes, games can be better than their competition. You however seem to subscribe to the idea of “judge a game based on its own merits” which is counteractive to improvement–games must be compared to others of their genre for the industry to improve as a whole.

        You are the reason that the industry is becoming stale.

        • I always knew that I’m the reason for all things bad, thank you. But what I meant is:

          1) These two games while presumably both being good are basically polar opposites to each other (just like CoD and BF). As result they attract two very different kinds of players. Which means that most of them can’t judge objectively.

          2) Company of Heroes 2 is already accessible to those who preordered it and thus can be evaluated. But C&C still isn’t even in closed beta. How can you compare these two games? By watching videos with no actual gameplay? That’s far from productive.

          • I’m just gonna say, C&C is in closed beta. You need a beta key to play the game early, and Company of Heroes is complete crap. Hate it, no matter what the reviews say.


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