Everyone loves Rocket League, so it’s no surprise that Crossout now has its own “cars playing soccer/football” mode. In Steel Championship Football, you’ll get behind the wheel of a vehicle equipped with a harpoon gun that you’ll use to “catch, drag and hurl a massive steel ball towards the other team’s goal.” Victories earn you better ratings, which you can use to rise through the leader boards; the higher you go, the better the rewards.

Also present in today’s update is a new map and a better new player experience. The “Crater” map is a wide-open map centered around a crashed space shuttle, while new players will get the “Sprinter” light cabin more quickly and have more vehicle points to construct their customized death machines. Other changes to early missions should make getting into the game more convenient for new players.

There are a lot more individual changes to weapons and vehicle parts, detailed in the video below and on the Crossout website.


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