Gaijin Entertainment’s upcoming free-to-play multiplayer action-racing game CROSSOUT is now available as a Steam Early Access offering. Those wanting to get in on the action early can do so now at a cost of $29.99. Those willing to wait can join in later when the game officially launches.

To gamers willing to drop the cash and support the game pre-launch, Gaijin is offering special Early Beta Access rewards. In addition to access to the game, purchasers will also receive 2,000 in-game coins, a unique armored ‘Bloodhound’ vehicle, 2 ‘Sledgehammer’ shotgun vehicle weapons, a unique character portrait: ‘Aleph’, a dark red paint can, and the Scorched Earth pattern to decorate their vehicles with.

It should be noted that according to the developer, vehicles obtained via bundles will have “particularly well-balanced weapons, high armor quality, and speed in combat”. So for the more competitive among us, an early access bundle may be the way to go.

Full details on Early Access and CROSSOUT itself can be found on Steam.

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  1. $30 for early access to to their job.. find bugs and problems.
    Ingame cash shop which sells tanks for £50

    Reading more comments:
    “major pay to win”
    “Massive pay to win system”
    “Also, pvp in which you hardly see any real players”

    Good reviews are maked with “Product received for free”. I see what you did here..

    War thunder already had unfair advantages. You could just buy golden eagle to buy premium planes and get other unfair advantages. Free to play players are only there for the eintertainment for the pay to win people. make them feel good when they beat free to play players with their overpowered cash shop items. Nice try Gaijin Entertainment. Im not falling for this again.

  2. I think £24.99 is over priced for a EA game and the fact you can buy a tank (as put on steam forums) in the cash shop puts me right off.

  3. i own game from first alpha, but after 3 – 4 wipes i stopped playing it, waiting for LAST wipe – after open beta (as devs said). so if someone is looking for progress and leveling, dont buy it, wait for open beta

  4. Hmm i wonder why can’t get rid of this feeling that this game would have been THE thing if it was a sort of turf-war mmo not just racing…
    I can’t get those images out of my head… players riding in those cars.. like 5 dudes on each car and having a gun fight at the same time with other players riding cars… haha.

    Well, let’s see if this game can beat that other customer… hehe.


    “It should be noted that according to the developer, vehicles obtained via bundles will have “particularly well-balanced weapons, high armor quality, and speed in combat”.”

    Yeah i get what they’re trying to tell here, the classic: pay or gtfo.
    If they’re starting to BS you even before the game is released you know where this going to end.
    Well, don’t mind if i skip you then.

    • That vehicle you get for buying the early access package isn’t superior to normal vehicles with equal power rating.

      Besides, what did you expect them to say? “Buy the F2P game now and you’ll get a useless piece of trash car so that you’ll get rekt by free players not just because they’re more experienced but also because you’re driving this coffin on wheels”? Come on. >_>

      • I expected balanced gear f2p or not.
        Yet they blatantly state that they will favor paying players with potentially op gear…
        Fine by me enjoy, only without me.
        Why should i play a game that offers more power to paying players when i can go and play another game that offers equal ground for everyone? *snorts*

        • It doesn’t offer “more power”, it just offers it sooner and without the need to build, test and rebuild your vehicle with in-game resources. Which is more likely to get you in trouble than give you an advantage, because you’ll be facing players with vehicles of equal power (that’s how balancing works in this game) off the bat without having enough experience necessary to fight them effectively.


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