Spring may be just around the corner — it’s currently 65 where I live — but it’s the height of winter in Eberron, and Standing Stone Games is celebrating the season with the Dungeons & Dragons Online Winter Games. Head to the village of Eveningstar for the Midwinter Festival and go for a skate on the frozen river and catch snowflakes to earn armor upgrades or a rare polar bear cub.

For the more extreme-sports-minded among you, take a shot at the half-pipe at the Bogwater Tavern in the Risia Ice Games or the ice jump behind the Harbormaster’s House. Collect ice coins to trade in to Jack Frostbite, who offers up ingredients for the Risian Eldritch Device at the Lighthouse.

Various other themed rewards are also in the offing, though I’m a little disappointed by the “Missile-toe,” which just boosts your speed when it sounds like it should let you cast Magic Missile with your feet. In any case, you can learn more about the DDO Winter Games, which last until Feb. 11, on the website.


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