At this years Tokyo Game Show, Capcom’s latest trailer for Deep Down, the third-person free-to-play dungeon-crawler, finally gave us a much more informative look at the PlayStation 4-exclusive Free-to-Play title. In truth, this is the most we’ve had the opportunity to see regarding the title from Capcom’s Online Games division since last year’s Tokyo Game Show. The two-minute trailer out of TGS 2014 features both demonstrations of third-person and first-person gameplay.

The game takes place both in 1494, where you’re forced to clear out dungeons as a knight facing up against bloodthirsty monsters, as well as New York, far into the future of 2094, where futuristic woes abound. There’s an interesting disconnect between the two worlds (as there should be), and the nasties “deep down” look extremely formidable, just as they should be. It’s looking good, but there’s still no concrete release date yet, even for Japan. The trailer ends with a promise for 2015, but we’ve yet to nail down anything more than that.

Perhaps additional details will come out in the months to come after Tokyo Game Show ends.


  1. Last I checked this was a MMO news site, not a PC news site. MMO news is MMO news regardless of whether or not its on PC or on Console. Whether you like it or not, consoles are going to get more involved with MMOs. They shouldn’t ignore reporting or writing articles on it just because its on a console.

  2. I really hope this website does not go down the console path, Even although I keep hearing the “but its a free game we can report on it” jig.

    Every downloadable game on here is for pc, It really annoys me to see this console rubbish on here, but having said that PC mmos over the past couple of years have not exactly been much use either.

    • So what if it goes here. No one cares about what you want. If you don’t want what they post then don’t read it. People like you shouldn’t even play games, if you don’t understand it. So what if this is a PS4 F2P game, I don’t care about it, it’s a good thing they’re posting it here and making console gamers closer to the PC games. PS4 will be holding multiple F2P games from PC, it’s normal for them to post it here. I both PC and Console gamer enjoy this stuff. Now do us all a favor and don’t read this stuff again.

    • Also if you’re smart enough you would understand why they posted this, “MMO”. If they posted a F2P MMO for PS4, then deal with. They’re job is to deliver the MMO news to us players. Before you comment something make sure you know what you’re saying.

      • Without readers, there is no So, if they keep doing things that keep upsetting their readers…they will eventually just be another shit site. They are nothing like they used to be 2-3 years ago when I first found out about them.

        • There’s a difference between upsetting their readers as a whole and upsetting a few select readers because of their personal preference towards MMOs on PC and on Console. Its kinda like those people who get dumb when there’s an article about a game that’s only in Korea right now and going on about how they shouldn’t even be talking about it.

          Its okay to be upset about something they write about because something they wrote is wrong or something isn’t right. But to get upset because a particular article is about something someone doesn’t personally like and declaring mass exodus if they don’t stop isn’t okay. Just because a person doesn’t like consoles doesn’t mean that person can dictate what can or cannot be reported upon when there are other people who actually read those articles and enjoy it.


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