It’s time to kick the tires and light the fires because Defiance 2050‘s head start is ready to kick off. Starting today, founders can hop into the new-ish game and get a four-day running start — before everyone else logs in on the 10th.

For those who may have missed the memo, Defiance 2050 is a complete rework of Trion Worlds’ original sci-fi shooter MMO. It offers players four base classes to choose from and allows them to easily swap between them when playing.

The game is available to download via both Glyph and Steam. If you’re still interested in grabbing a Founder’s pack, it appears to not be too late. Preorder options are still available both platforms.

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  1. “Complete rework” as stated in the article is an overstatement. The game has some differences from the original one, like the skill trees and slightly better graphics. I don’t know about the rest, because I never played the original one, but I plan to play this one on the 10th. (Not giving them money)

    I think they plan to add more content to it that is not present in the original one, so over time it will become more and more different, hopefully. Or it could stay the game, I don’t care, I will play it until I don’t want to anymore and quit.

  2. From what ive seen the UI and combat is exactly the same so this cant be a complete rework. seems more like they saw the success of rift prime and just reused everything from defiance that they could and just made some new areas and some poorly scripted quests.

  3. Yeah, nice try Trion… I played the exact same game years ago, it wasn’t good then I bet a mill it ain’t now either…

  4. Does anyone ever make new games anymore?

    Ohh wait. people will throw money at it, so guess there’s no point.


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