Okay. So I forgot to do the EGS post when the new games went up yesterday. But, we’re here today with them and, no, there’s no apparent theme. In fact, the two games on offer this time are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum — which is great because while there’s not exactly something for everyone, you’re not stuck with a war game if you don’t want one.

Speaking of war games, one of this week’s options takes players to Vietnam. The multiplayer strategy game Rising Storm 2: Vietnam from Tripwire Interactive features 64-player matches, over 20 maps, and even allows players to fly helicopters. The game normally runs $25, so you’ll be saving a decent bit there. And, as always with these kinds of games, there is some DLC, a deluxe edition upgrade, and a green army men upgrade. That second one is pretty much what it sounds like.

The other game on offer this week is going to be a bit more relaxing. In fact, if you’re familiar with Journey or Flower, you’re probably going to recognize the game’s art style. This isn’t a Thatgamecompany game, but it is something similar. ABZU, from Giant Squid, is a single-player adventure and exploration game that takes place in a stunning ocean. Explore the depths looking for ancient secrets or swim with schools of fish and get your fill of a pretty world while doing it.


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