Dreadnought just released on PlayStation 4 in November, so there’s a lot of work to do to catch it up with PC players. That work is continuing apace, with today’s release of a big update that offers more customization and easier-to-follow progression.

Now all customizable ships have two slots for secondary weapons, modules, and appearance items that can be swapped out between or during matches. In addition, tech trees have been simplified and streamlined, making for easier progression. Better combat stats will help you figure out how you’re doing in a battle, and revamped end-of-match screens and a new “Any” choice for match type will make it quicker to get into the next one. Finally, there’s a pair of new legendary corvettes, the Naga and the Phoenix, up for sale.

Those are the big talking points, but you can find out more about everything this patch has to offer on the Dreadnought site.

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