As reported by RockPaperShotgun, the End of Nations open beta will be put on hold “until further notice”

The news comes from the EoN Facebook page, which thanks players for all the feedback from the various closed beta events (of which there where many). The post goes on to say that because of the feedback, Petroglyph, the studio behind EoN has “identified several key areas of the game which need polish and improvement.”

As a a result they have decided to postpone the Open Beta phase of testing until further notice. Those that had supported the game through pre-order packs should “expect to receive a follow-up email shortly”, according to the post. While it is disappointing to see an RTS of this caliber come so close to release, only to fall back into the depths of development, it’s at least comforting to know that the developers recognized the need for spending more time improving the gameplay experience. This should -hopefully- translate into a better game and a better experience overall once the RTS resurfaces.

Did you get a chance to play End of Nations? What areas do you feel needed improvement? Let us know!

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  1. End Of Nations actually was pretty good back in the Alpha Stages, hell, I could probably still jump on my Alpha Account, as I’m sure they still have those “Select Few” users still allowed to play some sort of version of End Of Nations for further feedback.

    Honestly though, all the Alpha users are a bunch of idiots. I don’t mean this in a terrible way, it’s just way back when, you couldn’t post anything at all for the “Casual” player which probably would help the game out, because all the Alpha users, like most, just cared about themselves, and they didn’t want change, because they couldn’t deal with a well balanced game. Every suggestion to say change this for the casual player was shot down. The Alpha community was terrible, and probably still is terrible. This is why I just flat out stopped giving feedback during the Alpha, so many idea’s just shot down, because all they cared about was “Winning”, and as long as they could win without making an actual effort, they cared less. And now look where the game itself is, pushed back probably so far, that you won’t see the game until the new Command And Conquer game comes out, which already has a fan base (from what I can tell anyways, I’m not one), which then will force End of Nations to release earlier, without working, or fixing any of the problems.

    They also don’t have any type of actual practice battles VS the AI, and any battles that are VS the AI, you can’t obtain any exp/money from, this was changed during the Alpha stages, which actually lost more users then kept. Trion Worlds is doing terrible with this game.

    Quick fix 101- Add Skirmishes VS AI, where you can at the very least practice, and make some type of coin so you’re not stupidly thrown into battle like Planetside 2 (Good game, just dumb there’s no tutorial). Once you add some other form of way to give your users the ability to practice, and or earn money without being thrown into battle with “Pros”, having your ass handed to you, then, and only then will you see an increase in population.

    My thoughts of course.

  2. Sadly, I was disappointed with this one. It has the potential to be something big but it just had so many issues. The two factions had no balance to them what so ever and you couldn’t delete your commander and change to another faction/specialty. Also, the game becomes extremely repetitive in such short time.

    It needs an overhaul in it’s delivery. There’s a lot of potential in this game.

  3. I tried liking this game once or twice. They did a awful job. However, I could say the same about League of Legends. I literally had to force myself to play it after installing it and uninstalling it 50 times before I realized what made it so good.


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