The one thing we all know about combat by now, is that every time someone thinks they’ve come up with the ultimate answer, the other side comes up with something that makes it far less useful. This is the case with the latest addition to Eve Online’s arsenal, the Mobile Observatory. This deployable item is designed to defend against cloaked ships trying to sneak their way into other players’ territory and… well… generally create havoc.

The Mobile Observatory uses periodic pings that can potentially decloak ships trying to sneak through lowsec and nullsec systems. Once decloaked, the ships may then be combat scanned and destroyed. The Mobile Observatory isn’t guaranteed to uncloak all ships, however. In fact, ships that have just cloaked will have a bit of resistance to the ping, meaning that if players time it right, they might go by unnoticed.

Of course, this being Eve Online, and Eve players being Eve players, we’re probably going to see some crazy and unexpected results from this new addition. The new deployable is currently available to test on the Singularity server. So that means it’ll probably be a bit before players figure out ways to go nuts with it. But, we have faith in them.

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