EverQuest Opens Second Progression Server, Lockjaw

If you’re still partying — or at least playing MMOs — like it’s 1999, then EverQuest has your hookup. A new Time-Locked Progression server is launching next month, and it’s going to be ripe for all kinds of mischief. In fact, that’s going to be the name of the server.

The Mischief Random Loot Progression Server will spin up on May 26 and offer players access to the game’s original zones from launch. Kunark will be implemented after a month, and two months after that, expansions will be added on a “2/3 cycle”: two months for no level increase, followed by months for level increase.

The primary wackiness regarding this server, and where that “Random Loot” title comes from is, well, its randomized loot. Rare NPCs will drop loot from other NPCs of a similar level within the same expansion, and raids will drop loot from other raid NPCs of a similar level within the same expansion. This is an experimental server, and Darkpaw Games might tweak things even further, with additional loot randomization.

As usual, you’ll need to have an All Access subscription to play on an EverQuest progression server.

In addition to the new server, core EverQuest will receive a new feature, item comparison, shortly before the server goes live. Learn more about everything coming to the game on the EverQuest site.


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