If you’ve been wondering what to expect from expansion content unlocks on EverQuest progression servers, wonder no more! A recent blog post on the game’s site outlines the developer’s plans for the coming year.

The post outlines plans for three servers: Phinigel, Ragefire, and Lockjaw. Unlike the latter two, Phinigel has a set schedule beginning with the release of Planes of Power and Legacy of Ykesha on Wednesday, Feb. 1. The other releases will also occur on Wednesday and are as follows:

  • Lost Dungeons of Norrath — April 26
  • Gates of Discord — July 19
  • Omens of War — September 13
  • Dragons of Norrath — December 6

The other two servers have a more open schedule based on when the Luclin content was completed. Using this to guide the timeline, the developers will be holding votes to unlock Planes of Power and Legacy of Ykesha on Tuesday, May 16 for Ragefire and Tuesday, May 30 on Lockjaw. If the votes pass the content will be unlocked on Monday, May 29 and Monday, June 12, respectively. If the votes don’t pass, two weeklong votes will be held every other Monday until they do.

The next unlock for each of these servers will occur three months after Planes of Power and Legacy of Ykesha are officially unlocked, with no voting required. For full details on the unlock system — and to keep track of any potential changes — you can hit up the post on the EverQuest blog.

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